Corruption: Nigeria May Become Bankrupt – Afenifere

President-goodluck-jonathanThe Pan-Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere Renewal Group, has decried the alleged massive profligacy under the Goodluck Jonathan administration and warned that if a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) is not urgently convoked, Nigeria may go into bankruptcy.

In a press statement signed by its Media/Publicity Secretary, Mr. Kunle Famoriyo, copies of which were made available to newsmen in Ibadan yesterday, Afenifere declared that the present, “governance structure that allows for profligacy and unmitigated corruption must be pulled down to pave way for a Sovereign National Conference which we are confident will bring about efficient and transparent management of the country’s resources.”

The press release entitled, ‘Now that we are Broke’ read in part: “We of the Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG) note that, there are now telltale signs that remove any existing doubt as to the sustainability of this country.

“In recent times, the federal government, in the face of dwindling oil revenue, has been scurrying for fund. Besides realizing its bloated governance structure, government has suddenly remembered that many of its agencies are not remitting revenue to its coffers.”


  1. It is surprising that whoever is the Secretary of ARG can prophesies that Nigeria shall go Bankrupt this time wheif it failed to be Bankrupt during the Military era.I may guess that He may be refering to the Salaries of a particular group in Nigeria. I wish the Secretary should have been bold enough to address issues that may lead to that than directing his prophesy to the President.
    The( ARG)Afenifere Renewal Group may wish to suggest to the Nation the best way to address the issues of oil Bunkering in Nigeria,insecurity ,infrastructural Deveolopment that may help to improve the economic base of Nigeria,appointing God fearing Nigerians in sensitive positions,cramping down on people that defrauded this Country in earnest than publication punishment only.Scrimping completely quota patronage and buy into capability and merit and who can deliver and not who can thief. Do away with those who do speak Queens English to deceive Nigerians on what they propose to do and unrefined planning that is not based on research.