Dr Sid don Hammer: Mavin singer, Dr Sid’s millionaire girlfriend revealed

20SimiOsomo1 DR

This has to go down in history as the best kept secret ever. No one ever suspected or even guessed towards that direction, i mean after all Mavin artiste Dr Sid isn’t one to talk about his intimate issues with anyone.

The say behind every great man is a woman but in this case, i might totally be the other way round. Dr Sid isn’t single, he isn’t even just dating any girl; the singer is in a relationship with millionaire shopaholic Simi Osomo.

Lets drift away for a minute to talk about Simi Osomo. This is a lady that takes trips overseas just for the fun of it. The same 26 year old sexy lady who was featured on the London Evening Standard last year for spending a heavy 30,000 Pounds (N7,622,220) on six trips to the UK, spending just 2 weeks on each and shopping every day.

So now, you have an idea of how lucky Dr Sid is. Whatever reason Dr Sid had for dating Simi Osomo he didn’t go wrong, she not only very very rich but also even more rich than she is pretty.

It’s no news that Simi spends close to 5,000 Pounds in two weeks.

In her interview with The Standard: “You can get lots of things in Lagos but they are cheaper here and you get to take a holiday and relax a bit. Its only six hours away” she said.

All I pack when i come over is one pair of jeans and three tops. I bring two big suitcases but i always have to get another one and pay for excess baggage. I never learn”

To make matters even worse, nobody knows what Simi Osomo does for a living; yes, i’m as confused as you are.

Anyways, this is how we made this great discovery: –





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