E Don Do: Ailing Producer OJB Jezreel ends donations


Ailing producer OJB Jezreel has FINALLY come out to say that the donations going on in his name can end now and that he has raised enough money for his operation to be carried out in India.

In a press conference held 2 days ago, this is what OJB Jezreel had to say:

“Appreciate all those who stood by me one way or the other. I’m sincerely grateful and feel blessed that people could go miles just to make me well again. Now that I have gotten all the money needed for my medical bill, I want to officially put a stop to all forms of appeal or request in bid to save OJB. I want Nigerians to know that I have gotten the N16million needed for my treatment. Therefore, no donation should again be made to any source in respect of the said case. I will be going for my operation by mid August”

P.S: I’ll be the first to say this openly, i believe OJB even has more than enough money needed for his treatment, after-all Gov Rotimi Amechi donated the total sum plus the millions he had already gathered.

Plus he revealed he only had 2 weeks to live or am i wrong? If i’m not why is he then going for the operation in August?!?


  1. He said 8 or 10 weeks (can’t remember) not 2wks! And moreover if he has excess, that’s nobody’s business. It was God that provided any amount he has not you.

  2. He said he as 8 weeks to live and if he as gathered 100million naira it is nobodys business, its God that as blessed him and not u.if i was him i’ll not even stop the contribution.but i know the reason why he stopped the contribution was bcos some people will take advantage of that and start using it to make money.

  3. If he actually has 2, 8 or 10 weeks he should be bedridden by now. No one is disputing the fact that he is sick but why exaggerate the state of sickness.
    Mr anonymous it was amaechi that gave him d money not God.

  4. LOL! Shame on you Information Nigeria for putting these evil thoughts in our hearts. Provided he gets well. This is most important.


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