Egypt Braces For Terrorist Attacks As Army Confiscates Shipment Of Counterfeit Military Equipment

Some governorates, including Cairo and Giza, may witness terrorist attacks in the next period, an informed security sources have warned.
Egyptian army

The sources pointed out to seizures of 19 Grad rockets with a range up to 10 kilometres on a van en route to Cairo from Suez on Monday and a container of counterfeit military equipment on Sunday as proof that violence could ensue.

The Armed Forces announced that the third field army, in cooperation with port security, managed to seize a huge shipment of military uniforms and military tools inside two tankers at the Ain Sukhna Port.

The 20-foot shipping container, which was bound from a port in China for a business in the town of Hamam, Marsa Matruh governorate, was opened by inspection staff in Ain Sokhna after suspicions were raised following an x-ray scan.

Ain Sokhna Customs Director Hafez Abdul Hadi confirmed that the container’s manifest detailed its contents as “household decorations, hanging curtains and furniture polish”, however customs officers found discrepancies. They discovered a wealth of counterfeit military equipment which, after further investigation, was valued at one million Egyptian pounds (N23m).

A total of 340 scout caps; 245 camouflaged caps; 635 rifle cleaning kits; 44 pairs of military boots; 19 khaki overalls; 40 camouflaged kit bags; 235 rifle sheaths; 285 camouflaged t-shirts; 285 cartridge belts; 46 water bottle pouches; 185 pistol holsters; 71 roll-up tents and 15 large military tents were found concealed in the container, alongside six cartons of empty bullet casings.

The experts who have examined the shipment of military uniforms and military tools confirmed that it may suite a “battalion” of armed troops supposed to be preparing for fight, a military source told Gulf News.

The source said the impounded equipment and weapons were to be used in terrorist attacks within Cairo or in other governorates.

“This represents a grave shift and may entail significant bloody events during the coming period in order to destabilise the situation in Egypt under the new interim government,” the source warned.

“This equipment is necessary in achieving combat operations faster and easier”, the source said.