Employee Sacks Female Staff Because She Refused To Be Rough In Bed While Doing It

Steven Reis

A woman claims she was fired from her job after she refused an ongoing s#xual relationship with her boss who demanded she be rough in bed, according to a lawsuit filed in a New York court.

The owner of a toy store in the upper East Side of Manhattan, was slapped with the lawsuit accusing him of forcing an employee into a master-slave sèxual relationship.

Amanda Reyes, 26, a former manager of Fantastic Kids Toys, located at 1503 3rd Avenue in New York, NY, said owner Steven Reis fired her after she tried to abandon the rough sèx sessions with him, she claims in a lawsuit filed on Friday.


Reyes’ lawyer said she was “forced to participate in an ongoing sèxual relationship” with the owner who is in his sixties, that “included increasing acts of ‘rough’ sèxual activities, including slapping, hitting and biting”, in exchange for her job and rental payments.

“It would take place in her apartment. As part of her rent, which was being paid along with other expenses,” her attorney said.

She tried to break it off when she started dating a new boyfriend, who is an NYPD police officer, but said Reis, who demanded that they meet twice a week for sèxual encounters, refused to take no for an answer.

She reportedly lost her $60,000 per year job when she tried to break up.



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