Cleavage-exposing Pastor’s Wife, Megan Good Responds To Backlash


Stunning Hollywood actress Megan Good is married to a Seventh Day Adventist preacher, Devon Franklin, so people were kinda surprised by what she wore to the BET Awards this past Sunday – a cleavage baring, extremely low cut gown. The actress has been catching heat since then from those who believe it’s an inappropriate dress for a preacher’s wife to wear.

Megan took to social media to respond to the backlash.

Megan didn’t address the issue directly, instead she posted a letter of support from one of her fans.

Source: LIB


  1. A preacher’s wife? The thing is when you say anything negative about ladies in church dressing like this, you would always hear someone say, “You’re being judgmental!” Now, She, Megan can argue there was nothing wrong with her dressing all she wants, but the question is: would she be okay with any woman dressed like being left alone in the room with her husband?

    Anyhow, the Lord knows those who are His.

  2. This is very disappointing. She is not Christ-like at all. And this is not the teaching of Christ. That “fan” of hers is from the pit of hell. The bible says: where the children of God are gathered, the children of the devil are also there. The bible warns us to beware of wolfs in the midst of sheep. And we should not be deceived becos God cannot be mocked.

  3. What would you say of her so called pastor husband who posed for the camera with her. These people are in show business. Sorry she is not a pastors wife but the wife of a Hollywood exec who happens to be a preacher.

  4. Tell me what do they av 2 say in order 2 bak up ds shameful n appalling dress, well 2 me is nt suprising jesus n apostle paul av sed it’s end-time so.let’s beware of satanic vices.dnt 4get judgement wil start right frm d house of God

  5. The bible says let your apearance preach the gospel and let people see christ in you but what i can see in you right now as a pastor’s wife is disgrace to christianity and God general. What is the difference between you and the prostitut now? change your ways before it is too late for God still loves

  6. Its a shame. This is not a Christian conduct and d husband is not saved. Megan n d husband are pretenders who claim christianity to cover up dier “wolfness”. May God deliver us.


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