Fashola In Trouble Over Deportation Of Igbos

A human rights group has launched an investigation into the alleged deportation and dumping of 67 Igbos by the Lagos State Government, which reportedly dumped them in the famed commercial town of Onitsha, Anambra State, in the wee hours of Wednesday, July 24.

In a message posted on its website yesterday, Due Process Advocates (DPA) sought information about the incident that would enable its lawyers to launch a suit against the Lagos State Government over the issue. The message goes as follows:

governor-babatunde-fashola“URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT:
“Any member o DPA in Asaba, Onitsha or Awka with any information on those 70 persons that were reported to have been deported from Lagos State to Onitsha should kindly contact DPA.
“Also any member in that area who could help obtain information should please help. We are looking for the following basic information:
“(a) Name and phone number of any of the deportees.
“(b) Name and phone number of any relative of any deportee.
“(c) Name and phone number of any eyewitness to the arrival, dropping off, picking up, handling and shipment of any deportees from Lagos to Anambara State recently.
“(d) Name and number of any government official or NGO involved in this mater or who bas been reported to have made a public statement on the matter.
“Your help is needed for the lawyers to be able to do something about the problem.”

DPA, which has over 6,000 members, is known for intervening in cases involving under-privileged people, including defending them in court.

According to reports, the Lagos State Government has come under heavy criticism from various groups for the alleged deportation of of Igbos for the second time in a year in brazen contravention of the Nigerian Constitution.


  1. When they are creating so much criminal act, what do they expect, to be left alone or what? At least when the northerners constituted a problem in Lagos state, they where also posted back to Kano. This is not a recent development and it should an issue please. Government in every state must learn to fight criminal activities at all cost. If they want to commit crimes as they are well known for, they should remain in their villages please, Lagos state needs to catch up with the rest of the world.

    • Nasir, Igbos are the only criminals in Lagos right? i wonder how long it wil take u to start making use of the brain God has given u. Grow sense man

      • My guy, the fact is that they have the most criminal tendencies in Nigeria and possibly in Africa. I can’t ascertain that of the world. When you read news papers and watch local and international news or listen to radio, whenever you hear that a Nigeria has committed an offence, try & listen to the name & you will most certainly hear an Ibo (Igbo) man’s name. Are they the only one that like money?
        They need serious re-orientation ooo, because no community will develop with all this criminal tendencies, as everyone will be scared of doing business with them. Just like myself I am always very cautious when dealing with them. In-fact anything to do with money or business, if it is an Ibo (Igbo) man or woman count me out.
        I pray that God should help re-orientate them for better.

        • @Nasir, u have forgotten dat its d same ibo people dat brought real development to Lagos. If lagos was left for only the lazy yoruba people(am trying to be real) its only God dat knows how dat state will be. Believe it or not the Ibo’s carry dat Abrahamic covenent of prosperity. I wonder what we mean by one Niigeria?

        • @datsnotfair stop making noise please, when you say Igbo’s developed Lagos you guys make me laugh (hahahaha). Instead say that the Igbo’s saw an opportunity in Lagos. If there was no opportunity I wonder what you guys would have developed. If you developed Lagos, then go back to Aba & Onitsha & do the same.

  2. Have u bn wishing to meet with a great sugarmummy/daddy,a young guy or girl cos of a genuine reason…your dream is here jst call 08065746173 for a rendervouz

  3. Ppl r talking about serious things here, u just had to bring ur stupid sugar mummy n daddy talk here. What’s a genuine reason 4 dat crap?

  4. Igbo,s ar respected in d whole world cos of there hardwork and selfless services, there is no part of this world that u wont see an igbo man, so we ar strugling to mak earn means and nt sit down like lazy men. without igbos there wont be any lagos. I wonder wat nigeria is waitin for to divid dis country, dis insult is too much, y ar they treatin igbos lik touts and criminals. We need to be on our own then the world will see wat we ar made off. Wit or without oil igbos will survive cos they ar creative and inuvative. What has tinubu achieved since his life, he has been eating frm wat his father kept for him, if nt for politics and there wayo, who will no him in dis country, lazy agboro man. We knw his his history jst waiting for d right time to xpose him and let d world no that he is a nobody, Wats nonsence.

  5. Fashola shldnt av done dat?we are one!its not right…he shuld not be so nasty doin wat’s not right.pple are suffrn in ds country,tribalism n religiosms must nt seprat us in ds country.i tink fashola shuld make a restitution.

  6. @Nasir u re a big lazy fool for saying that. We igbo purse success anywhere we are and we encourage others to do same. Because of achievement,orientation, entrepreneurship, industry, education, everybody believes they like money more than other tribes. We are traveling people, we are everywhere. We pursue wealth anywhere we find ourselves.  When we get it, we come home and share it with the people.

  7. @nasir,igbos r thieves but after independence till now ,hausas & yorubas hv bn looting d economy of this country to bank it in oyibo country.its only ibos dat u hear dr names in bad news. Nasir,u r suffering from inferiority complex dats all! Stupid arse. U can never exterminate d igbo.we r an offshoot of a fruit bearing tree by d fountain dat propels its branches up over a wall but d archers kept harassing him & shot @ him & kept harboring animosity against him & yet his hands are supple,from d hands of d powerful one of jacob.igbo man is a direct descent

    • @Gail I don’t blame you ooo, I blame poverty for all this long story. If they must do their criminal act why must they drag the nations name in the gutter. The easily infest any area they visit or they are found, just like cockroaches and rats.

  8. I SEE THE WAR COMING…Racists in Nigeria will suffer it all.as for you Nasir i wonder how you found internet access to Google translate your stupid Racist comment here because i know very well that you are a DUB!!!

    • @Isagba its not internet I am using ooo, its extra-net. It is faster & can land in your front as I am typing it. You guys don’t like been told the truth. Its funny when you hear a Briton or an American asking an African man whether he is Igbo, because he has being duped, he got to know the ethnic group that duped him. Very unfortunate. THE IS A NEED FOR SERIOUS VALUE AND MORAL RE-ORIENTATION. I am not insulting anyone just the reality please.

  9. Nasir u re jst a waste of ur Father’s Semen 4 uttering all ur Rubish Comments Here. Come 2 think of it if Igbos were criminals who developed Lagos n Most cities in Nigeria n all over d Globe, again is Deportation now hw 2 treat a Criminal? Wot is d work of d Court of Law? I think Fashola n co. re Nw steping Beyond dia Feet measure bt I Assure u He ain’t going out of dis mess. Dis time around cos I’m nw convinced of wot transpired b/4 may 1967 bt Let’s watch out!

    • @Agujiegbe 1 my friend stop opening your mouth like shit. In the ancient days when trade was flourishing in the ancient city of Lagos and Kano was it your ancestors that made it possible for their economy to boom? Igbo’s are coursed people. Only when they ask God for forgiveness before they can be relief. They easily infest people with bad luck.

  10. Are you sure nasir knows where he came from? Do u know ur genealogical record? Don’t mind this nasir paedophile! If all will go back to dr state,yorubas will cry cos no business will move in lagos. Whether u hate or not haye igbos,like i said b4,we r an offshoot of a fruit bearing tree by d fountain that propels its branches up over a wall.but the archer keep harrassing & harboring animosity & yet d strenght of d igbos hands was supple from d hands of d powerful one of israel.

    • @Gail you make too much noise jare, anyway, it is typical of a village Igbo man who is privelaged to be in Eco. We go soon do Ghana must go for una. Yameri kakan doya

  11. It’s nw clearer 2 all dat Nasir here is an Infection 2 every comment posted bt I’m confidently convinced dat u Lacks d Basic Historical Fact. So I sugest u go Learn about d Igbos, we re in every tiny Fringe all over dis Godhavemercy Nation developing it frm time In memorial hw many DevElopment was brought abt by an hausa man or so to say in dat Lagos State? Bt I knw It’s Time I’ve been knwing it wil eventually come!

  12. @ Nasir, how longe will it take us all 2 realize dat hatred and enemity is a big virus dat kills. U dont need 2 show off ur hatred 4 d ibos b’cos u and d likes of u can not undue wot has been done. Ibos are hated every where 2day b’cos d ibos are d jews of old.d blessings of Abraham rested on every ibo man and dat is why the are very sucessful any where in d word. U talked about ibos and crime, now tell me honestly of any trib dat is free from crime. Last time ago it was i yoruba man rubishing d image of our dear country in london 4 killing a millitary man. Has an ibo man gone dat far in crime. D fact remains dat d ibos are peculiar poeple, a sougth out nation. D ibos dat lost all during d civil war are even waxing stronger dan others and dat is where greed, gelousy and hatredness dat u’re seeing today from other tribes over d ibos are comming from. Maybe u’re a poor history student, i here therefore urge u to go and read my book Tittled ”the mysterous ibos” and learn more about dis poeple dat u so much hated with passion. Shallom!

    • @Emmykm hahahahahaha, I should go and read your book!!! unfortunately, your English composition is very terrible and yet you are asking me to go and spend like 30 minutes or what to strain my eyes on pages that might be filled with fictitious and untrue stories.

      I don’t care whatever praises you make about your self and kinsmen, but it is my opinion about the Igbo’s. I do not hate them and I want you to know that I have met good Igbo friends, but they are extremely too few to be good. Your people like self praises and that will certainly affect your morals and values, as your kinsmen will want to go to any length just to receive praises and also to praise oneself.

      Your people don’t have respect and regards to other people’s culture and so you can never receive same. Outside Nigeria, especially in countries where they do not speak English as an official language of communication, you guys are of the opinion that you speak better English than them and you expect them to regard you, bull shit !!!. “REGARDS & RESPECT BEGOT SAME” If you truly believe that you are better than people let people assess you and stop beating & dancing to your drums at the same time.

      On the perception that the Igbo’s developed Lagos, it is very unfair of the Igbo to think that they developed Lagos. There are over a 100 ethnic groups in Nigeria, please tell me what role this people play in the development of various regions of the country, Lagos inclusive. You guys keeps making noise that other ethnic group envy you, are you the only ethnic group in Nigeria. The funniest part is that there are still a lot of your people that are unschooled especially the males and with a perverted Eastern state crumbling in poverty, what is there for other ethnic group to envy for God sake?

  13. Isn’t a retard that can claim that london was developed by nigerians becos nigerians r so many in that city? Ans also given the fact that no city in nigeria is as developed as london. Its only a throl,dumb and nincompoops like the igbos that can claim to develop lagos when thy have their cities underdeveloped. Aren’t u cannibals ashamed of urselves? Jews my foot! Everybody knows that jews dont eat human flesh! Go to kano and claim it. That we allow u to thrive here must not be taken for granted. U need to check ur pride. Ur pride resulted in the 1966 pogrom wen u killed top hausa military men end their leader,only to be slaughtered in the resulting backlash. You pple need to learn from history.but its unfortunate that u r feedin ur younger generations with distorted historical facts! Just like an igbo man will go to his village and claim to his promitive kinsmen that igbos built lagos and the rest of the world! Greedy folks! Continue to dream.


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