For Ladies – 6 Things You Should Not Do In Front Of Your Man

gal rocksWhether you’ve been married for ten years or dating for a few short months, every couple comes to a point where they’ve reached the “comfort-zone.”

Some women stop wearing makeup and swap out their couture for sweats. But others go overboard, letting their man see everything and anything that goes on in their daily routine. Now different relationships may have different boundaries, and some couples may be a little more liberal when it comes to what they share with each other, but one thing’s for sure — there are certain things that you should never do in front of your man! Here is our list of rituals you should try to keep your man minimally exposed to. There has to be some mystery in the relationship, right?

1. Hair Removal

Unfortunately for many natural brunettes, hair removal is as much of a weekly routine as washing your mane. But the last thing your guy ever wants to see in his wildest dreams is you trying to get rid of your facial or arm hair. Although plucking your eyebrows or shaving your legs isn’t so bad, trimming your nose hair is a definite no-no! Unless you and your man are a fan of going au-natural, keep this confined to a locked bathroom.

2. Taking Out Your Hair Extensions

So you wore your fake hair out on the town and now you’re back at his place. Do you un-clip in front of him or zip over to the bathroom and let your locks go loose? Go with option number two. Although fake hair can be gorgeous and really improve your ‘do — there is no need to show him how they come out (that is, unless you get it stuck on something). It’s a combination of creepy, shocking, and quite frankly, a bit weird.

3. Examining Your Pores or Popping a Pimple

It’s pretty much human nature to glue yourself to the mirror after the sight of a blemish. But it’s completely unnecessary to pick at your face in front of your man. Many men aren’t as particular about their skin as women are, and can’t relate to that black-head that’s driving you crazy. So, he may find your facial obsession a bit odd. Plus, you wouldn’t want to see him popping his pimples, right?

4. Introducing Him To Your Spanx

No matter how skinny or fit you may be, almost everyone has to throw on some spanx once in a while. I mean, some dresses are just a little too clingy and spanx are the easiest solution to getting slim in a second. But these miracle workers are meant to be a little secret amongst women everywhere. You want him to think you’re confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing.

5. Complaining About Your Weight

According to many men, this is one of the two topics you should never touch upon in a relationship. Nothing screams insecurity more than saying, “I think I gained ten pounds from eating that slice of pizza.” If you feel like you are gaining weight, it’s something you need to discuss with a close friend or your trainer.

6. Complaining About Your Ex-Boyfriends

If you feel the need to talk about an ex, just go straight to your girlfriends — that’s what they are there for. Of course we understand that there are certain circumstances where you have to dish on these topics to your significant other, but try to keep it at a minimum.


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