‘God Punish You, Senator Yerima’ – Open Message From Charles Novia

Below is a message by Charles Novia to Senator Yerima regarding the Underage Marriage issues currently going on in the country;


GOD PUNISH YOU, SENATOR YERIMA: I just read a purported defence of Senator Ahmed Yerima about the Underage Marriage bill he coerced his fellow dimwit Senators to pass into law. His lame excuses are as stupid as they are so archaic. A theory from a puerile mind: hiding under obtuse reasons to justify his sexual appetites through a Holy Law. This neanderthal Senator is a threat to National Security and National Unity. I hear he aspires to be the next President or Vice-President of this country, Nigeria. I can safely tell him that his aspirations will come to nought.

After amputating hands and legs in Zamfara State and shipping them to the South West to beg for alms in a suspicious Political Sharia atmosphere as proved by both President Obasanjo and Mallam El Rufai in his book, the dense Senator wishes to justify his actions by blaming it on a skewed lifestyle in a fictitious city where he lives! I don’t know how else to answer the irritant Senator but to heap God’s punishment upon him and his ilk.

May your ambitions to have a paedophile-imposed state never come to fruition and may you and your ilk have your political ambitions castrated. I join millions of women in Nigeria and beyond to abuse you and your friends in the Senate. And I will join them to celebrate too when your bill never sees the light of day. And it won’t. Trust me. It won’t. So sue me, asshole.


  1. Period ov ignorance nd barbarism still exist..??? Ds s insane nd stupidity, why cn’t u go have knowledge from ur bible or pastors coz i’m sure ev u do so, u should have nt evn have d gut to talk….

    • idiot! that is u have been sleeping with ur sister or ur daughter when they are six years old. Or u dont have sister or daughter at all.

  2. Charles you are so stupid that u cannot respect people best on their given leadership, experienced& sense of maturity. Does the issue of child/girl marriage in Islam concerns U & ur likes? are we inviting you 2 joing Muslum Ummah in our home affairs? Or Just your are portraying yourself as a good Samaritans of Anti Islamic-Laws, in our territory. Who tell u that what Yarima was trying 2 protect is going 2 involve u, o boy u better keep quit ur mouth in matter does not concerns. We are protecting our faith as Muslum believers,not a christian euro-Americana way of life. what left 4u, you better go to U.N, or UNESCO, e.t.c. to make an enabling laws 4u since u are worshiping them. cos they framed, tele-guided ur thinking on the way they wants it.
    You will be pushed up to tail of a bushy area of ignorant sycophancy ideals, & shallow reasoning.

    • are we talking about religion here or about child abuse. how would u feel if someone sleep or rape ur 6years old daughter or sister? i know u will not feel anything bcos u and yerima are birds of the same feathers and I suspect that u have been sleeping with 2years old children. u should be arrested and rot in jail so that u and ur people will not destroy or defile our nation

  3. Pse marry according to d dictates of ur religions, tribe, race, colour, creed etc as long as u don’t trespass or offend another persons.
    Dats ur funeral

  4. The time I read your three-paragraph story, I nearly vomit. I can smell your rotten mouth in the body texts. How many times have heard cases of rape for under aged female in the North? How many Ministering pastors defiled under-10 children in your area? How many raped? I think you must be dumb and deaf and have a partial blindness. See how your sentences were arranged and the slurs! I wonder, your pose in the picture clearly shows who and what you are!

  5. Am noysirprise at the behavior of muslims.GID said to Abraham that they will be wild donkeys and murderers.an that is who they are.wild life,wild sockets and wild laws.

  6. Am not surprise at the behavior of muslims.God said to Abraham that they will be wild donkeys and murderers.an that is who they are – wild life, and wild laws. They deserve to live in the wild with wild animals.

  7. I don’t know why Senator Ahmed would have contributed to this, i personally like his style of leadership, he is one on of the Leaders i respect most, when it comes to poverty eradication, social well being of people in Nigeria. Senator pls, let us follow what Nigerian want,

  8. weldone Charles! and I say amen to ur prayer. And say to those people that are supporting yerima and the north people, may God forgive u and remove u from darkness to light and to the children may God save u form this wicked and heartless people. They are sons of the Devil.

  9. Yerima u re wicked person . Infarct I can call u an animal cos u have ur owns childrens & u can never plan such type of live for them.


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