Hand of Death: Neymar waves to female fan causing her to faint

Neymar 1

Brazilian soccer star who just signed with European giants Barcelona, has shown us his mad skills in the recently concluded Confederation cup.

But the young talent has shown has that he captures hearts both on and off the field.

The Brazilian talisman has added a new skill to his repertoire; the Brazilian had their fans camped outside their hotel for every match in the Confederations cup, most of them female. Right before the match against Spain, thousands of fans were cheering the team on has they were about to board their team bus.

One particular teenage girl kept chanting Neymar’s name and the Brazilian golden boy turned and waved at her; i can’t really say now if it was out of shock or happiness but the girl fainted immediately and had to be carried away.

Neymar’s fame is reaching mad heights as 20 percent of new babies born in the Bolivian town of La Paz are being named ‘Neymar’.



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