Hoodlums No Longer Defecate Inside Our Classrooms —Pupils

The pupils of Idimu Community Primary School can now heave a sigh of relief as the hoodlums that had, hitherto, turned their school to a toilet, football pitch and arena for other illicit pastimes have given it a wide berth.

idimuThis new development came against the backdrop of a story published in The PUNCH edition of Friday, May 31, 2013. The story had revealed how hoodlums who live in the neighbourhood had turned the school into a toilet as well as a place where they sexually assault unsuspecting women.

While the ‘invasion’ lasted, the invaders defecated in polyethylene bags and stuffed them in various parts of the classrooms that caught their fancy, including the ceilings and desks. The pupils and their teachers only got to know what had taken place the previous night when the entire classroom started reeking of foul odour or, worse, when the pupils accidentally dipped hands in the obnoxious packages tucked inside their lockers.

For many of the pupils, there were many unanswered questions concerning the contents of rubber sheathes that hoodlums left unceremoniously all over the place after they might have had sexual intercourse with their victims.

Indeed, the teachers disclosed that pupils resumed on a daily basis not only to clean up human faeces, but they also had to contend with picking used condoms and stained or torn women’s undergarments before lessons could commence.

It was also reported that these hoodlums were fond of harassing the teachers, who they chased away if they stayed a minute longer than the 2pm official closing time.

But after The PUNCH published the story, the Lagos State Government stepped in by deploying officials of the Rapid Response Squad and policemen in Area M police unit covering Idimu and its environs. They were mandated to keep watch over the school.

When newsmen visited Idimu Community School on Monday, it was an elated head teacher, Mrs. Christianah Aghelegin, that welcomed him.

She said since policemen began a routine patrol of the vicinity some weeks ago, the hoodlums and those who usually besieged the premises to play football every evening have since disappeared.

She says, “The school, pupils and the teachers now have peace. We noticed that the state government had deployed a patrol team from the Rapid Response Squad and policemen from Area M in Idimu to provide security surveillance for the school.

“Since this started some weeks ago, the hoodlums and those who usually jumped the fence to play football within the school premises have all disappeared.”

When the hoodlums held sway, apart from defecating on the premises, they broke into the office of the head teacher and looted it.

Then the pupils narrated the story of anguish they had been subjected to. According to them, the vagabonds, who usually scaled the fence to enter the school premises, carted away the desks and tables and used them as firewood, leaving pupils without classroom furniture to use.  As a result, some of them took to sitting on the bare floor during classes.

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