How 75-Year-Old Man Disarmed Four Kidnappers


Chief Olabanji Akingbule, 75, the Odunwo of Ondo, Ondo State, has narrated how he disarmed and captured four kidnappers who attempted to abduct him.

The septuagenarian spoke with Daily Sun: “I was inside my house on the fateful day and dressing up to go out when my wife informed me that policemen had arrested my son. When I peeped through the veranda and saw the people, I told my wife that they might not be policemen, but kidnappers. “

They were four in number. Two of them were inside a Golf car parked at the front of my house, while the rest came upstairs to meet me. They introduced themselves as kidnappers. The two that came upstairs held a gun each.

One of them made attempt at dragging me downstairs, while the other one was with my wife who was shouting on top of her voice. An attempt was made to drag her inside the house by the one that was close to her.

However, as luck would have it, the noise she made attracted people in the neighborhood. “Although, they made spirited effort to carry me, but by the special grace of God, I insisted that I was not going to follow them.

In the process, the one close to me brought a white substance that was kept inside a bottle and asked me to inhale it. When I refused, he wanted to pour it on my head.

“I summoned courage and used my right hand to block it. As a result, both the bottle and the gun fell off his hands downstairs. When they noted the presence of people, the two men ran out of the house to join their colleagues.

”When I saw that he took another direction where he would not be in position to find the gun and the white substance, I moved to the place and picked up the two items.

I called the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Funbi-Fagun division, Mrs. Joyce Maiyaki-Matthew, who responded immediately.

“I thank God for saving my life, and my late mother, Madam Esther Ogunhinmola Akingbule, who trained me on how to be courageous. If I was not courageous enough, I might not be able to disarm the kidnappers who came with gun and very giant in height,” he told Daily Sun.