How To Undress For Your Husband: Step-by-Step Guide To Stripping In The Bedroom

These images, published originally in LIFE Magazine in 1937 and again on this week, illustrate, step-by-step how a wife should – and should not – undress for her husband. Using burlesque dancers as models, Allen Gilbert, who was promoting his new Manhattan School of Undressing at the time, gave readers a few pointers and lamented in the article that wives with a faulty ‘disrobing methodology’ were largely responsible for ballooning divorce rate. (Daily Mail UK)Gilbert said in the February 17 issue that at his undressing school wives, anxious to improve their marital manners, would learn ‘the correct way’ to take off their clothes.

From these they will learn how to make going to bed appear a thing of charm and pleasure rather than a routine chore,’ Gilbert said in the article

What does it matter how women take their clothes off as long as they take it off, right fellas? Lol

Daily mail