I Smell Beef: DJ Neptune throws first punch at Skuki – Skuki responds

DJ-Neptune SKUKI

In the early hours of yesterday, DJ Neptune, out of nowhere, came on Twitter and ignited the fire. The DJ directly complained about the lack of creativity in Skuki’s music saying they keep doing the same old thing.

DJ Neptune Tweeted;

Different beat same voom va va voom va va in 2013… Oh please change ur format this kind of songs only last for 1 month

— INT’L DJ/VJ NEPTUNE (@deejayneptune) July 18, 2013

Might have taken the Skuki team a couple of hours to notice DJ Neptune’s tweet but when they did, one of the duo responded by first Re-tweeting the tweet, then firing back at DJ Neptune in a sub-tweet;

Ogbeni shey emi lo n ba soro.. Come out straight.

— SkUkI VavaVooM (@skukivavavoom) July 18, 2013

We don’t know where the anger and detest is coming from YET, but we will soon enough. Just stay hooked!!


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