I Smell Beef: Paul Okoye not impressed with £1.2m Goûtdediamants champagne given to twin Peter Okoye




Ok, don’t judge me yet because i haven’t judged anybody yet. Do you smell resentment or am i the only one smelling it because nostrils just too big?!?

Anyway, Peter Okoye one-half of the group P-Square yesterday received a bottle of the infamous champagne worth well over N300m from luxury designer Alex Amosu; he quickly photographed himself holding the bottle and uploaded it on his social networks; obviously he was very impressed.

Now here is the problem, his other half Paul Okoye seem to be put-off by the hype surrounded the champagne. Just a couple of hours after Peter Okoye showed his trophy, Paul Okoye updated his Blackberry status saying: – ‘I rather take a pic with a bottle of coke…than that shit!’ Lol.

So you tell me, is that Paul just being real or is there even a little bit of drama behind that???



  • Paul is saying the reality. This is just a waste of money in a country where an average citizen is earning less than $2 dollars a day. I rather take a pix with lacasera bottle too than this over rated rubbish. May God help the poor.

  • Abegy Paul is very correct jor. Dats his own opinion concerning dis wine of life dis so called Alex Amosu is using 2 cos trouble. I rather take a pix wd an empty bottle of coke dan dat shhhhit.. And mind u, its nt beef, its jst an opinion so don’t misquote Paul.

  • f**k y’all. this is sooo unreal,. anybody could av come up with this shit. if ure very familiar with BBM you’ll understand me. why was the name edited? sometimes i question the credibility and integrity of this site. stop your fake news abeg

  • sometimes d media is responsibl 4 sparking off a huge fire where there was no smoke at all in d first place. Be warned! Media, pls do ur job right

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