Imposters Hack Dangote’s Social Media Accounts

Fraudsters have been posing as the President/Chief Executive of the Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, on the two popular social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook.

dangote_billionaireMany fans of the richest man in Africa are eager to meet him on social media, but they are deceived into believing that they are already communicating with him on the micro-blogging service.

Although the Dangote Group has an account on the social service via the handle,  @DangoteGroup, the handle is not being used by the mogul.

For instance, one of the Twitter handles bearing Dangote’s name is @AalikoDangote. The person behind the handle simply describes him/her self on the service thus: “The word ‘impossible,’ is NOT in my dictionary! Follow me (on Twitter) and I’ll show you the way to success.’’

When a Twitter user, who uses the handle @chiomaa_challenged the impostor on the social service some weeks ago, the fraudster says, “I don’t have to make you believe anything. Happy new month and have a nice day!’’

Those impersonating Dangote  on Facebook may be having fun engaging in fraudulent activities as a handful of fans of the industrialist visit the various fake accounts in search of jobs.

On one of the fake accounts,  Aliyu Kawu posted, “Sir, my dream in life is to work with Dangote Group and since 1998 to 2012, I have attended several interviews with the company. Please, help me!

Another Nigerian on a different fake Facebook account says, “I’m a biochemist, I want to use this medium to say that if an opportunity is given, I will improvise a new technique that will ensure the production of high quality sugar with a low cost.’’

However, some billionaires in the stature of Dangote around the world, whose identities are being faked, now appreciate the need to embrace the new media.

If there’s any well-known African businessman who should be on Twitter, it’s probably Dangote. Like many of his impostors have been doing; posting great and concise inspirational quotes on the social service, could encourage the younger generation who continue to yearn to interact and learn one or two secrets of his success on social media.

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