Islamic Group Wants Separate NYSC Camps For Male And Female Corps Members


The Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) has called on the management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to stop mixing males and females in the National Youth Service Scheme physical exercise at orientation camps as it violates Islamic tenets and offends the sensibilities of Muslims.

This JNI Secretary General, Dr. Khalid Abubakar, said this at the end of a peace and unity conference for Muslim scholars in Kaduna State.
Abubakar called on the NYSC to respect the decency and chastity of female corps members during physical exercises and other activities at the orientation camps, and provide alternative camps for female Muslim corps members.
Source: Nigerian Telegraph



  1. NYSC has always being optional. If u don’t wanna go to camp, there’s another option.
    The real primary purpose for NYSC has never being religious, so bringing up religious ethics (esp. to the extreme) is just like misplacing one’s priority.
    I guess it’s all about getting attention.

  2. Nonsense!The views of this so-deemed islamists are capitally off point!They should give us a better reason for meeting their request,and not the above mentioned.

  3. If nysc is not abt religion then y are d nysc officials in east discriminating y can’t D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ leave d muslim sister A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ brothers alone τ̅☺ there faith D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ tell dem τ̅☺ there face that D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ hate dem dat islam is jst α̲̅ borrowed religion. I dnt knw Ĥ♡ω D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ think telling α̲̅ sister τ̅☺ remove are hijab which is not possible cos is like telln α̲̅ catholic sister τ̅☺ remove her scarf which is not possible

  4. I wonder why people who actually has outlived their usefulness should not allow the yong Nigerians to decide on what they want.Any one who have gone to the University and graduate is no more a child and should know what He or She wants. Brainwashing yong Nigerians to imbibe on division in the Name of Religion is not to the interest of one Nigeria.
    Those who fails to understand why NYSC was created should ask than suggesting primitive action.they should surggest that female Muslims should not work in the same office with male counterparts.

  5. I dont know why these islamic schorlars always pick holes in anything that fosters unity and progress in Nigeria. Was islam not there when the nysc law was enacted? Or they are simply seeking for attention. Instead of discussing the security challenge they are facing in the north that has almost brought economic activity to a halt, they are here talking trash.

  6. I dont know why the so called muslim are behaving this way, they are the cause of boko Aram now nysc isue, is it necessery for their female to go for camp……. Let them stop this nonsence before it will lead to another thing.

  7. Tru talk,male nd female need to be seperated in the camp b/c we will nt be living like amimals.Govt hv to do something about dis issue

    • Yes you will not be living as animal. Are you not living as animals before? even in their homes they are living as animals. If there is anybody that you can blame in this world with lack of indecency, it is people like you. I have seen during sallah, some of your young boys and girls are just hit-goats ans she-goats no control of their sex life. Shame on you people. Finally, you should also demand for separate camps in your family, the boys or men will be staying apart so that we will know you are serious.

  8. nawa oh. Basket mouth, shame on you enemy of the State. I pray that SSS will question you on this Comment amennnn

  9. When people are poor intellectually, you don’t need to question them because they are ignorant on the fundamental nature of the issue!

  10. When people are poor intellectually, you don’t need to question them because they are ignorant on the fundamental nature of the issue!
    Think critical and logical.

  11. they should go to hell,if nysc is for national unity and intergration there wl always b mix up.i joined d muslim girls n boys together in my press club during my service yr n they benefited from it.

  12. Na wa for this muslims later they wil say islam is peace but they always portrate troblem.Now is nysc,better discipline urself and stop causing more problems in nigeria

  13. Nysc breeds peace and is one of d tins Nigerians ve in common y den d division.its nt abt dividing d camp.its abt d value d person in question attach to her lyf.seperate camp or nt it makrs no difference

  14. Islam forbid mix-up of male and female and that why we need to separate all this animalism because we are not a dogs and brat you christian you know your self about mixing up male and female because take example in church while most of your girls and women going to church with mini skirt and if they sit-dawn pastor react and after church our calling them to special prayer there saying God has send me a message so i will pray for you special part of your body see go through the news paper one of Bishop in Nigeria that is in River sleep with teenager girl he claiming that his enemy that why you always cough you people with sex scandal is this how Jesus (peace be upon him ) survive and is that what your women wear as dress like of Mother Marry (peace be upon her) wear is Jesus drink Wine is Jesus dance Is mother Marry moving out Nike like you do there not doing such what your doing because all what your doing is forbidden And that Islam either you like it or no is the true Religion of God And That is what Jesus and his Mother Practice and and you all christian you better repent to the way of God And who will tell me where in Bible God say you mix up male and female and take breath of each other and this what you so call unity and unity dont came with sex scandal and alcoholism in so call orientation camp you better know it Nigerian Government most separate this ignorant and separate people male and female from this animalism for example if is say choice one in this two sweet chocolate one is in pack and one is open not in pack i hope the correct answer is that you choice the unpack chocolate that why we Muslim we Islam tell us to take good care of our women not living them like pig moving and parading here and there Islam true religion guide us how to live with or muslim brothers and sister even not muslim And Allah( God) Guide us to straight faith of islam and we always seek yours Guidance and who are is wrong dark way may Allah show them the straight way and leave the dark devil way and worship you alone and Islam is peace and tranquility of humanity and animal and Islam tell us how to live

    • According to your stupid grammar(s) which ur quaran taught u (cause of your lack of western education), is this what u call animal ism? which means living in dsame house with ur mother, sister or wife is an act of minimalism. u beta stop deceiving yourself with dz stupid orientation of yours. when God created Adam, did he create Eve in anoda garden? Foolish religion with stupid followers….
      claiming u know d bible, did Jesus discriminate women or doesn’t he have women followers? U people are trying to breed anoda war in d country, but God will definitely not be silent because of this.

      • Is there your mother in orientation camp and why not now you will not go sleep on the bed your mother and is Jesus drunkard i hope he his not drunkard what are they doing in orientation camp and did Jesus call men and women to play in same place which is called as unity and did Jesus (pbuh) dance and play and have sex with any women the answer is capital no and is Christianity Jesus religion capital answer is no He Jesus (pbuh) is Muslim He worship only one Allah(God) and he don’t call him self as the way you call him now and he dont claim all your stupidity and wrongdoing and he is Prophet of Allah and Allah send him to preach in the Name of Allah the one absolute who have no son daughter or father as you saying in your stupid ignorant stupidity go and read your Bible very well before you confess me and no where inthe bible that state as to convert male and female which is not same mother or father to play in same place and your saying it bring unity this ignorancy of yours not of Quran, Bible (gospel, old or new testament and this is forbidden act in the side of Allah (God) that why Nigerian Bishop fuck 15 year old baby most of them in sex scandal have you ever hear that even in new 1 of Islamic scholar in sex scandal you dont hear and you will never hear that because we muslim following the true religion and what your talking of this kind of terrorism this is not Islam and all what there doing is totally is not islam and if it is islam they will kill none muslim but there killing buth muslim and none muslim so you better know that Islam is True and final religion of Allah (God) and i used to write you Allah and also God is because i use 2 language arabic and english in arabic Allah and in english is God in hebrew Ilah and in my language is alah but i dont know how you call God but am pity you in your this ignorancy and lastly God give you all the time of meeting your family member and why He God give you marital time He Allah give you the marital way as to behave like human not like Animal like he-goat getting sex with she-goat mother and also rampant sex with any she-goat no differentiation

  15. Nigerians should be having pity on islam and muslims who are stuck with a medevial ideology that is struggling for a place in a modern world. Even d islamic laws are forced on pple in d so called islamic countries...this religion called islam is oudated a

    Nigerians should be having pity on islam and muslims who are stuck with a medevial ideology that is struggling for a place in a modern world. Even d islamic laws are forced on pple in d so called islamic countries…this religion called islam is oudated and has finish its useful life-span. So frustrated muslim leader resort to terrorism and incitements as a tool 2force obedience in a modern world. Oneday; the world will destroy islam as it did Natzism in Germany cos we bcoming sick of its negativity. Where eva islam enters, there is fighting, clasheswar and death. Muslims Y not ask and answer ur selves a sincere question “Why”? By David Henshaw

  16. If you people do not know, this is another way of making money for the muslims. They will have to employ their only muslims there, what ever they planned, nobody will know. It is also a way of looking for another problem or crisis in the country. Very soon the radical groups will begin to kill people because thry refused their request. So I do hope the Christians, traditional religions are taking notice of this. Also our policians too. Because this so called secretary is also a government worker, and that is how they make their plans by using their positions in government to gain what they want. Take the case of CBN governor.

  17. The Nysc programme was formed and backed by d Nigerian laws and constitution,not by some stupid islamic laws made by foolish quranically educated cleric,it is a pity this muslims don,t even knw thats we are tolerating them oh,thy are disguisivly trying to bring sharia law,come to think of it we Nigerians are too religious ,selfish and louzy,where this laws were this laws when d Nysc program was organised,pls it,s high time start seeing ourselvs as Nigerians nt as muslims and xristians,bkos in lyf d peace of the tree is also the peace of the bird


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