Joseph Yobo to Mother-in-Law: “You`re A Bad Influence On My Wife”

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For the past few days, We have been bringing you holiday photos of famous Super Eagles defender Joseph Yobo and his family. However, all is not as rosy as it seems to be for the couple.

Joseph Yobo married the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2008, Adaeze Igwe, but all isn’t beautiful in his home presently as the ‘National Enquire’ reveals.

The couple wedded in a very low key ceremony barely three months after they met in December 2009 are said to be trying to hide their marital troubles from the press and general public.

According to very reliable sources, the reason for the troubles in the Yobo household is all pointing at Adaeze’s mother, Mrs. Abigail Igwe, now Fashanu after she married the former Footballer turned business man in 2011.

Joseph Yobo and Adaeze’s mum are revealed to be sworn enemies when the Soccer star heard rumors of her plans to crash his marriage to her daughter.

The same reliable sources disclosed that Adaeze’s mum, who is in her 3rd marriage with Fashanu and having had both daughters for different men, seems to be the mastermind and in total control of Joseph Yobo’s marriage to her daughter. She is rumored to have advised her daughter against getting pregnant for Yobo even after Joey, their son is almost three.

Sources say her reason was that because she needed her daughter -Adaeze to get back in to her sexy shape just in case things no longer work out between her and her Plateau born footballer husband and might require her re-marrying.

Adaeze’s mum is said to have also instigated Adaeze’s secret return to school barely a year after her marriage as the ex-model is presently furthering her studies in far away Santa Monica College, Los Angeles, USA, where she is reading Communication while her husband and son are in Turkey.

The macho defender, who used to play for Everton in England before transferring to Turkish side Fernabarche, also allegedly found out that Mrs. Fashanu (Adaeze’s mum) could have a hand in Adaeze’s frequent request of money for irrelevant things as she’s said to have developed an unexplained interest for frequent shopping.

To make matters even worse, sources also claim that when Adaeze’s mother’s visits were becoming too frequent in the Yobo household – she would storm their apartment unannounced and always interfere in every little argument that ensue between the growing couple.

This we learnt eventually led to her ban, as Yobo officially informed her to stop coming to their home as her interference is doing their marriage no good.

Adaeze’s mum was also not invited for Joey’s 2nd birthday party which held in their home in Turkey and close sources to the family say that Adaeze has been asked to choose between her mum and her home as she’s not needed in their home for now nor invited to any of their parties.

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  • Well, Yobo, you dug your own grave. Heard you were dating a nice girl from your tribe, a nice and educated girl, but you wanted someone that was relatively famous. You should have known better what your other prominent Rivers guys have passed through in the hands of Ibo girls. You’re on your own. So sad, ‘cos the way it is now, you don’t even have a wife anymore. She’ll be dating one Ibo guy out there, and be using your money to set up a business for him.

    When she gathers enough, she’ll do what will make you seek for divorce, you pay her, and she moves to her ‘nwanne’ husband.

    • shut up ur mouth mr man,but i have to blame yobo for marrying this kind of girl for me i do not value them because of the way they think,and if i were a star i will just go and marry for real love not fame.

  • Oga yobo or what is it called u never learn all that glters are not gold. U need to visit ur vilage for counseling. Gbam.

  • Yobo go home to Ogoni land and come back, and mother and daughter will run for their dear lives leaving all behind ( that is if your people are generous enough to give them that option).

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