Labour Party’s The Only Real Progressive Party, Others Are Pretenders, Says Nwanyanwu


National chairman of Labour Party, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu, has revealed that some aggrieved governors from other political parties, which he did not mention, are planning on joining the LP.

Nwanyanwu said the LP had become the toast of politicians lately, adding that the discussion between him and former Ogun State governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, who is on the verge of decamping to the party from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was fruitful.

Information Nigeria reports that Mr. Daniel and a retinue of his aides paid a visit to the LP national secretariat in Abuja last week where it was reported that he finalized the modalities for the eventual movement of his party structures from the PDP and Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN) to LP.

According to Nwanyanwu, LP, which has only one governor – Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State – and federal as well as state legislators on its platform, said the party is the only existing progressive political party in the country.

He cited the level playing field that exists for all candidates vying for political offices on its platform saying even Governor Mimiko underwent the process of party primaries.

“When Governor Olusegun Mimiko was going to run for a second term, we did not impose him on the electorate. He went through primary to become our candidate”, he said adding that the same process would repeat itself in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections in Anambra State.

Already, the Chief Executive of Capital Oil and Gas Company Ltd. and philanthropist, Dr. Ifeanyi Uba, has picked up the nomination form of the party.

Nwanyanwu berated other political parties that claim to be progressives for endorsing candidates for the election that is still far away (November 16), asking “Is that progressive or imposition? These parties are fake progressives” he asserted.

Speaking on governors, who are looking to join the LP, he says, “I can tell you that we have so many people, including governors who are talking to us and our doors are open to them.”



  1. It show clearly that only labour party ȋ̝̊̅ڪ only progressive party in Nigeria, even activities & action shows that , in a situation where by Labour party in support of 16 votes is above 19 votes, also only progressive party agreed that 5 is greater than 27. May almighty God will judged ¥♡̨̐υ̲̣̥ all for deceiving of ordinary citizen

    • I’m not a supporter of any of the parties but if you followed the events preceding the NGF election very well then, the national leadership of LP actually came out to condemn the support given to the other faction by their governor, so he may be right in some ways. However, I wonder why they are ready to accept aggrieved members from other parties who cannot be well described as progressives either by their actions or inactions.

  2. Dan Nwanyawu is a big liar.Mimiko too is not in any way better.They are all deceivers.What is the antecedents of Otunba Daniel.I wonder how a Party leader could be happy that Gbenga Daniel-a morally bankrupt person is joining his Party,if not for pecuniary gains.The truth is that Labour Party is worse than ACN.Don’t forget that LP is PDP in disguise.The reason why LP has not merged with PDP is strategic and tactical for both Parties.They will always cooperate on issues that interest both.ACN/APC is their common enemy.I will not be surprised if some disgruntled members of the PDP cross over to their ally in business of deception.Mimiko can fool Ondo people but not me.The guy is terribly over ambitious and could go to any length in achieving his ambition.Presently,i know he is scheming for a position in the Centre.Don’t be deceived by his simple look and modest dressing;The guy is stinkingly rich.Deceivers!i repeat,deceivers!

  3. See de detroyers,i told d people of Ondo state but they got carried away by Mimiko’s money.they are now paying for it.They thought Mimiko is good…


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