Lamar Odom takes out cheating rumors frustration on paparazzi

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TV reality star and sister to Kim –  Khloe Kardashian has having issues with basketball star husband Lamar Odom.

The star NBA player was accused of cheating on Khloe with a lady called Jennifer Richardson and took his frustration out on paparazzi in Los Angeles.

In a video evidence posted online, Lamar is caught on tape throwing items out a paparazzo’s car and smashing his camera equipment on the ground.

Lamar’s situation worsen as his concubine has threatened to publish proof of their affair.

Here is what reliable source – Star Magazine has to say: –

Following the bombshell report on Lamar Odom‘s secret affair, now comes more news that could break Khloe Kardashian‘s heart: According to Star magazine, his alleged mistress Jennifer Richardson has a treasure trove of mementos proving she and Lamar had a relationship for several months.

Jennifer collected plane tickets, invoices and game tickets that a pal claims are from her time on the road with Lamar, which lasted from December 12, 2012 until February 12, 2013. As Lamar played for the L.A. Clippers, proud Jennifer was allegedly in the stands watching.

“He flew her first class every time,” her friend told Star.

And he also allegedly put her up in five-star hotels, using his friend, Anthony McNair, as a cover. Among the items pictured in Star is a check-in envelope with Anthony’s name on it.

Together, the items are evidence that Jennifer was much more than just a booty call, her friend insists.

“Between games, she would just go home and repack for her next trip with Lamar,” the friend explains. “She didn’t do this for fame. She did this because they had a connection. They shared all their secrets with each other. Lamar fell for her, and she fell for him.


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