Lésbians Approach Me All The Time -Nigerian Singer


Up-coming female artiste, Nene Johnson, has expressed her sadness at the fact that people think she is a Lésbian.

She has said that the impression people have about her being a lésbian gives her headache.

According to the Abia State-born singer “some people think that I am not straight (séx oriéntation) and I always tell them that I am very straight.” She added that. “I get approached (by lésbians) all the time. I just try to be friendly and displace them.”

Telling us about how she handles the stubborn ones, the actress said, “I just stubbornly tell them that I am not into it.”

Nene Johnson recently released her single entitled; ‘Tonight’. The song is gradually gaining favourable airplays. She also recently changed her stage name from NEJ to Nene Johnson, which she says is now paying off.




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