Libya Oil Export Plunge As Protesters Close Shipping Terminals


Libyan oil exports have plunged by more than 70 per cent after protesters forced the closure of shipping terminals, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan says.

“Groups closed the ports of Ras Lanouf, Zueitina, Al-Sedra and Al-Hariga, forcing a drop in production to less than 30 per cent” of normal levels, Zeidan told a press conference in the capital on Wednesday.
Oil Minister Abdelbari al-Aroussi says “Libya is exporting today only 330,000 barrels compared with the average of 1.42 million barrels a day”.”

He said the port at Zawiya is the only one still functioning.

Sedra and Ras Lanouf were shut down on Tuesday, with the loss of 600,000 barrels, while Al-Hariga and Zueitina were shut on Wednesday with another 350,000 barrels blocked.

Zeidan warned against these “grave incidents”, given that oil exports constitute nearly all of Libya’s foreign revenues.

He said that among the protesters were policemen and border guards demanding back pay, as well as others insisting the chief of security for the terminals withdraw his resignation.



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