Locust Bean – Why You Should Use It In Cooking!


It is not easy to look at, and the smell is unpleasant – at best.
These aside, Locust Bean is the single, most significant ingredient guaranteed to take your soups, stews or mixed vegetables from “just okay” to Va-va-voom. everytime.

Our grandparents know this as do the best African cooks – and now, so do you.

Wait! what is Carob, Locust Bean, Ugba, Irú and Dawa Dawa?
These names all refer to one and the same thing – this bean-like non-fleshy seed with a naturally sweet taste is widely used:
1. To sweeten foods

2. As a healthy chocolate substitute

3. As a spice for some of the best tasting African stews – ever

4. Nigerians and other Africans use Locust beans as a substitute for maggi cubes and add it to everything – not only because it tastes good and can serve as a tastier alternative to buillon cubes, but also due to its health benefits among which are vision improvement, digestion aid and much more.