Man Bites Off Fellow Man’s Manhood

A Dover man, Jason Martin is alleged to have sunk his teeth into his neighbour’s penis, biting it like it was a sandwich in a row over music.


Martin, a 41 year old man drew blood after stooping down to bite the manhood of Richard Henderson, it was claimed.

39 year old Henderson told a jury at Canterbury Crown Court that his penis had been bitten “like it was a sandwich, my willy was not attached to the rest of my body. I have never experienced that kind of pain to this day and I don’t want to ever again.”

Photographs of the injury were later shown to the six man-six woman jury after they were told “they don’t make pleasant viewing!”

Mary Jacobson, prosecuting, said there was a scuffle after Mr Henderson texted a complaint about the volume of the music coming from the flat and Martin then went to his neighbour’s flat to confront him about the text.

“A verbal altercation ensued, which culminated in the defendant reaching around Mr Henderson’s back with one hand and grabbing him by the crotch with the other hand and then pulling Mr Henderson out of his doorway”.

“Once out of the flat a scuffle ensued during which the defendant pushed Mr Henderson against a wall, stooped down and bit into, and gnawed at, Mr Henderson’s penis,” She said.

Mr Henderson was taken to hospital where he underwent an operation to stitch his penis and he was later released from hospital the following day.

The prosecution claim that when police went to Martin’s flat they discovered him “with blood over his mouth”.

Martin claims he grabbed the penis in self-defence and has pleaded not guilty to wounding Mr Henderson with intent to cause him serious harm. “How could I bite him? I have no teeth,” he said.

The trial continues.