Man Went To Shop, Drives Wrong Car Back Home

A shopper in southern Australia was apprehended by police after driving home in the wrong car.

Two grey hatchbacks – one a Hyundai, the other a Toyota – were left next to each other in a car park on St Vincent Street in Stansbury near Adelaide.

Both cars were left unlocked with the keys in the ignition.

When a fellow shopper saw his Hyundai being driven away, he immediately called police. Back-up patrols were sent from four surrounding areas.

Stansbury officers noticed a grey Toyota hatchback in the bay next to where the missing Hyundai had been parked. When they noticed it was also unlocked with the keys in the ignition, they suspected an innocent mistake had been made.

The ‘stolen’ Hyundai was located in the driveway of a very apologetic Stansbury man, and was quickly returned to the man at the shops.

The embarrassed driver was taken by police back to his Toyota. No charges were brought against him.


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