Man Who Wants To Remarry Drowns Wife, 2 Daughters In India


A man identified as Mohammad Sherif has been arrested by police in Malappuram district in Kerala, India, on suspicion that he had drowned his wife, Sabira, 21, and infant children, Fatima Fida, 5, and Fatima Nida, 2.

The man had initially told the police that the family had a scooter accident and that his wife and children had fallen into the water. However, an extended questioning session at the Manchery police station revealed that Sherif himself had done the crime, apparently because he wanted to remarry and avoid his present wife and children.

The incident is believed to have taken place on Sunday night, near the Poonkudi bridge on the Edvanapara-Areekode road. Sherif himself had carried the body of one of the children and approached a neighbour to describe the “accident”. Local people then recovered the other two bodies from the water.

Sherif’s explanation was that he had lost balance and the scooter fell, throwing his wife and kids into the water. But the fact that the water body was far from the “accident” site and Sherif himself hardly had any injuries, raised suspicion.

Reports indicate that the couple used to have fights at home regarding Sabira’s gold ornaments which Sherif had pledged to recover, but has and failed.