Movie Producers, Directors Don’t Want Tonto Dikeh’s Services No More Due To Her Antics

Tonto Dike recent surge to super stardom might be taking a hit recently due to some directors and movie producers are trying to avoid her.


The actress had received criticism on many a movie she starred in making her a hot cake for producers who want her to be part of their movies due to her logic in script interpretation.

The enchanting young actress still have a lot in store for her and she could achieve whatever she want to achieve in the industry.

Nollywood is just a step in the right direction to become a world renowned. She has the charisma, physics, face and other attributes anyone could think of to become a star. But the crazy incidents of late is not telling good of her image. It could be a strategy to be hyped by the media, but controversies easily kills a celebrity image.

According to Hitz, there is a current gang up to frustrate the career of actress, Tonto Dikeh, who is also a darling to controversies.

Tonto who hugs, chews and pampers controversy in a very helplessly controversial manner is said to have bitten more than she can chew in recent times following her rude and troublesome behaviour while on set. A certain top movie Director who wouldn’t want his name mentioned, was directing a movie on a set at Asaba with Tonto Dikeh playing lead in the movie and ever since he came back to Lagos after the shoot, he has not stopped complaining about how rude and abusive Tonto played out herself all through at the location.

According to him, “Tonto Dikeh is such a rot and lacks every bit of home training, apologies to her parents. ‘I tried to control myself in order not to disrupt the set, but I got upset over the kind of insult Tonto, heaped on the makeup artiste on the set. A woman who is old enough to be her mother” ‘Are you stupid, don’t you know what you are supposed to do? Must I remind you before you’ll know you are supposed to make me up’? Those were said to be Tonto’s words to the already fuming makeover artiste who was at the verge of throwing back some punch lines at her.

At this point, the director was said to have lashed at Tonto seriously and washed her in, out, left, right and center until the situation was later calmed down by the producer of the movie. This was sequaled by a certain report made available to this medium that due to her controversial lifestyle and appetite for trouble, Tonto’s colleagues now isolate themselves from her, as well as some of her very close friends.

Meanwhile a check by Hitz has revealed that top movie producers and directors have teamed up to frustrate Tonto Dikeh due to mannerless attitude while on set. According to them, “that little brat, apart from her addictions to marijuana and cigarette, doesn’t give a damn about whose ox is gored, she abuses, throw tantrums and fight on set at every slightest provocation and we must make sure she’s humiliated. She seem to have gathered to much weight and has hurriedly forgotten those days when she used to go on bended knees for a ‘waka pass’ role in movies. We’ll teach her a lesson’. They vowed.

On the other hand, records have it that the ‘Mother Controversy’ as Tonto is now widely addresses by colleagues doesn’t enjoy the best of relationship with most of her colleagues. Among whom are: Mercy Johnson, her arch rival, Mamma Gee, even though she was credited of introducing her to the industry big time, Genevieve, although the genesis of their disagreement was not stated, Nonso Diobi for rebuking her over abusive comments on Mercy Johnson. Other names given are, Nuella Njubigbo and Monalisa Chinda, all of whom are producers’ top demands in movies.

Meanwhile producers and directors, who have worked with her, have described Mercy Johnson as a down to earth person, cheerful and cool-headed to work with. Sources claim it’s the reason MJ as Mercy is famously addressed is of a very high demand in movies in the past few years, especially now that Nollywood is shifting base to Asaba in Delta State, Nigeria.

Mercy Johnson, married to Odianose Okojie, blessed with a beautiful baby, Purity has countless of movies to her credit and has won to herself, too numerous fans within a short period of time.

Source: 247NigeriaNews