“My Husband Gets Jealous When Other Guys Kiss Me” – Omotola Reveals


It is no doubt that not many men would allow their wives to take up acting as profession and the reason is not far-fetched. With the jealous nature of men, it is very rare to see a man accepting another man cuddling or touching his wife all in the name of acting or practising a profession she likes.

That is why it is very common in this part of the world to see actresses dumping acting shortly after getting married. Most of the men they marry tend to kick against the profession after they must have said ‘I do’.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, who is married to a pilot, Capt Mathew Ekeinde is one of the sexiest screen divas in the movie industry in Nigeria, and most men would like to do anything to have for keeps.

When in front of the camera, the mother of four delivers and interprets her role to the letter. When it comes to romantic scenes, she gives her all in making her character looks real, which surprises most of her fans, who wonder how her husband takes such scenes when he stumbles on them.

When asked by one of her fans on twitter, a popular micro-blogging platform, if her hubby gets jealous when a guy kisses her on set, the actress answered in the affirmative.

“Does your husband get jealous when you kiss a guy in a movie?” a fan asked the Ondo State-born actress, and she replied, “Yes, if the guy is cute.”

Now you know how Omosexy’s husband reacts to her romantic scenes in movies when he sees them.

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  1. Your husband is right.To me movie is nothing rather an environment created by devil.If i may ask,do all this actresses really know the rules and regulation of marriage? If they do then definately they are making a very big mistake.infact what do you still want in life,now that your husband is a pilot,who by all indication can provide you your everyday need.what do you want?To be known by people? Rubbish…Is a shame to you to even disclosed this to the world…very big ONE…

    • Come on Omotala, this is not right at all atleast now you are married you should be thinking on how to take care of your family and focus on that rather than focusing on something that does not give glory to God. To me acting as a profession is a devil’s handwork and this will end up taking you to enternal fire in hell.

      • Ending up in enternal hell fire u said, is acting the only devilish profession u know? come on don’t be jealous appreciate one’s career in oder to make urs come true besides the lovely couples understands each other. what matters is love and the husband believes in the word that what goes around comes around. omotola herself is not a fool. she nos what she is doing and how to manage her marital life. grow up mannnnn.

  2. Sorry o, but I can say you have a very myopic view & understanding. In Nigeria of today, being a pilot does not guarantee adequate provision at home. Besides if the husband is convinced she knows what she is doing, what right do we have to throw pebbles at their marriage? Pls let’s be constructive with our criticism!

  3. my dear,everyone has something to said and you ears to hear, but what is in your mind is what you do.let asked you,do you feel sad when ever your dearing is sad? if you yes,then stop arting.

  4. But why will a man touch or kiss you in a movie, you are somebodys wife, very personally and privatlly, not publiclly. May they stop it, l dey vex as l dey it now. There is nothing like undertanding here, you are his wife.

  5. Omotola, I want you to make heaven really, but i dont want you to disappear into that man’s house where we will not have a glance of you any more. I am afraid of such already, because if i am allowed, i need to be looking at you at least twice a week. i just wonder how great in beauty God made you.

  6. Who is anybody to judge his fellow man…well you people saying evil against omotola should have a rethink…acting is her profession…so what’s the big deal in that…there are millions of illegal professions out there…so why should someone come out and say acting is evil…some people are just religiously blind…extremest…if the husband is ok with her making millions by acting…then who are you to complain…


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