Names And Churches Of 77 Pastors Who Signed Letter To Support Gay Marriage In Australia


As countries around the world and gay rights activists claim legalizing same-s*x marriage is simply allowing marriage equality, Australia which has hitherto remained conservative based on the government’s deep relationship with the church is set to join the wagon of countries where gay marriage is legal as the church has now signified its support.

Marriage Equality has welcomed a letter from 77 Clergy from across Australia calling on Australians to show their support for marriage equality by making submissions to the Senate Inquiry and the House Representatives inquiry into same-s*x marriage.

6 Victorian Catholic Bishops had at the weekend wrote to parishioners asking them to oppose equality for same-s*x couples, but clergy men from different denominations of the church has now signified their support for same-s*x marriage.

The supportive clergy come from Uniting, Baptist, Anglican, Jewish, Buddhist, and other faith groups and their letter sent to 60,000 supporters reads:

“As clergy from various different faiths and denominations in Australia, we believe marriage is a fundamental institution in our society. It fosters greater commitment between partners, provides children with a sense of security and stability, and strengthens ties with families and communities. Marriage is a blessing to be shared, so we encourage people of faith who support marriage equality to voice their support for the reform by responding to the House of Representatives inquiry on same-sex marriage today.”

Australian Marriage Equality National Convener, Alex Greenwich, said the Clergy were sending a clear message to decision makers in Canberra:

“These Clergy value the security and recognition that comes with marriage, and are calling for this important right to be extended to loving and committed same-sex couples.”

Mr Greenwich said the letter was a sign of the growing momentum towards marriage equality: “Some of the clergy were once opposed to marriage equality, but have gone on the same journey of acceptance that a majority of Australians have”.

“Despite the moves of the Victorian Catholic Church, same-sex couples and our families can be confident we now have strong support from religious leaders across the country”.

The Clergy who signed the letter are listed below:
1. Rev Penny Jones, Anglican Priest, Queensland
2. Rev Leigh Neighbour, Metropolitan Community Church, Brisbane
3. Bishop-elect Timothy Mansfield, Apostolic Johannite Church Sydney,
4. Rev Bill Crews, Uniting Church Sydney
5. Rev Michael Hercock, Baptist Minister Sydney
6. Rev Dr Paul Walton, Uniting Church Minister, Queensland
7. Fr Rod Bower, Anglican Priest, Gosford NSW
8. Rev Chris Bedding, Anglican Priest, Perth
9. Rev Steve Thompson, Uniting Church Minister, South Australia
10. Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky, Adelaide
11. Rev Eileen Ray, Uniting Church Minister, Victoria
12. Rev Shane Andersen DD, Senior Pastor, Outreach Ministries Church Fellowship, Sydney
13. Rev Natasha Darke, Anglican Priest, Adelaide
14. Rev Julie Leaves, Anglican Priest, Brisbane
15. Rev Canon Dr Nigel Leaves, St John’s Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane
16. Pastor Karl Hand, Metropolitan Community Church, Sydney
17. Rev Dr Rowland Croucher, Baptist Minister, Victoria
18. Rev John Clapton, Anglican Priest, Perth
19. Rev Boris Kleiner, Church Of the First Creation, Queensland
20. Rev Roger Munson, St James Uniting Church, Canberra
21. Rev Dr Jonathan Inkpin, Anglican Rector of the Parish of St Luke, Toowoomba
22. Rev Susan Pickering, Uniting Church Minister, Brisbane
23. Rev Jonathan Chambers, Senior Anglican Chaplain, Victoria
24. Rev Dr Ian Mavor OAM, Uniting Church Minister, Queensland
25. Fr Thomas Leslie, Anglican Priest, Victoria
26. Rev Dr Avril Hannah-Jones, Uniting Church Minister, Victoria
27. Rev Dr Craig de Vos, Uniting Church Minister, South Australia
28. Rev Tony Johnson, Uniting Church Minister, Victoria
29. Rev Canon John Fowler, Anglican Priest, Victoria
30. Rev Andrew Prior, Uniting Church, South Australia
31. Rev Joan Riley, Anglican Priest, South Australia
32. Rev Judy Redman, Uniting Church Minister, New South Wales
33. Rev Murray Fysh, Uniting Church Minister, Queensland
34. Rev Andrew Eaton, Anglican Priest, Victoria.
35. Rev Dennis Webster, Anglican Priest, Victoria.
36. Rev Josie Nottle, Uniting Church Minister, Queensland.
37. Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins, Senior Rabbi, New South Wales.
38. Rev Tracey Gracey, Anglican Priest, South Australia.
39. Rev John Maddern, Uniting Church, Past Moderator, South Australia.
40. Rev Peter Weeks, Uniting Church Minister, Victoria.
41. Fr Stephen Clark, Anglican Parish Priest, Blackwood, SA
42. Rev Bruce Stocks, Anglican Priest, Adelaide SA
43. Rev Caro Field, Uniting Church Minister, Victoria.
44. Rev Dr Geoffrey D Scott, Uniting Church Minister (ret.), South Australia.
45. Rev Bill Harris, Deacon, Uniting Church, South Australia.
46. Rabbi Jonathan Keren-Black, Victoria.
47. Rev Christine Garner, Uniting Church Minister (ret.), South Australia.
48. Rev Dr Michael Godfrey, Anglican Priest, Northern Territory.
49. Rev Leanne Jane Jenski, Uniting Church minister, South Australia.
50. Rev Susan Wickham, Uniting Church minister, South Australia.
51. Rev Brendan Byrne, Uniting Church minister, Victoria.
52. Rabbi Paul Jacobson, New South Wales.
53. Rev Andrew Mintern, Anglican Priest, South Australia.
54. Rev Sandy Brodine, Uniting Church minister, Victoria.
55. Rabbi Jacki Ninio, New South Wales.
56. Rev Lucas Taylor, Church of Christ minister, Victoria.
57. Rev Mark J Dunn, Uniting Church minister, Victoria.
58. Rev Dr Christopher Page, Baptist minister, Victoria.
59. Wilma Davidson, Clerk, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), ACT.
60. Pastor Nathan Nettleton, Baptist minister, Victoria.
61. Rev Narelle Oliver-Braddock, Priest, United Ecumenical Catholic Church, Queensland.
62. Rabbi Roy Freeman, Melbourne.
63. Rev Ian Hunter, Uniting Church minister, South Australia.
64. Prof Emeritus Rev Gary D Bouma, Anglican Priest, Victoria.
65. Shaku Jo’on Gregg Heathcote, Shin Buddhist priest, New South Wales.
66. Rev Matt Glover, Baptist Minister, Victoria.
67. Rev Michaela Tiller, Uniting Church minister, South Australia.
68. Rev Peter McDonald, Uniting Church minister, South Australia.
69. Rev Don Catford, Uniting Church minister (past Moderator), South Australia.
70. Rev David Hunnerup, Uniting Church minister, Tasmania.
71. Rev Tony Duncan, Uniting Church minister, Tasmania.
72. Rev Colin Gurteen, Uniting Church minister, Tasmania.
73. Ms Ann Hamblin, Correspondent, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), WA.
74. Ms Jennifer Hole, Correspondent, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), WA.
75. Rev Ojitha Goonetilleke, Uniting Church minister, Victoria.
76. Rev Dr Richard Mallaby, Baptist minister, Victoria.
77. Rev Nigel Eynon, Universal Life Church minister, Queensland.


  1. how do you espect peace to reign in this world with all this type of habit.Things that are happening in this world keep telling me that 56 percent of white people are highly against God.This is a very big shame for pastors who knows that samesex is prohibited in the bible and yet still practice it.My prayer everyday is that may God almighty touch the heart of our leaders so that they may sign that anybody caught or make an attempt of practicing such in Nigeria he/she should be burn alive.jailing is nothing,they can influence some even in the jail.So i suggest that they should be burn alive in Nigeria.thank you.!!!.Captain Yuppie

  2. In the beginning was the Catholic Church and she stood for the truth. Today, it is only the same Catholic Church that is speaking against the evil practices perpetuated by the so called developed world. The best way to react to this evil is to join this church that stands for the truth always.

    • which truth are u talking about? Dat God created Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve? dat Mary is to be contacted before Jesus or God the Father? dat idolatry of all forms including worshiping d saints should be supported? or that after death, u can still repent in their so called purgatory (as opposed to judgment after death)? That denominations should be respected than the true word of God? Please, I need u to tell me d truth they stood for or give any reason why the devil himself (in human form) should be joined or supported. Bloody Fooooooool

  3. its d prophecy of 2tim 3v1-4 dat is coming 2 fulfilment indeed, christ return is imminent. Repent 4rm ur iniquity. GOD show me mercy.

  4. God,bless your children in the Catholic church to hold on faith of your teaching that the world will be save in Jesus name,amen

  5. I feel so ashamed of been an Anglican. Thank God we have separated from the Church of England just because of this kind of rubbish. God will judge all of them that indulge in this act. Let the lesbians have sex and pregnant themselves let’s see or the homosexual.

  6. We should b careful d churches we go to. End time Ȋ̝̊̅§ here. Pls a child of ur bible Ȋ̝̊̅§ guard,ur bible ll guard u through d rely word of God. God should av mercy on this pastors.

  7. @ justbless,which catholic church? Homosexuality has bn going on in d vatican,though it wasn’t official.d hv bn doing it in dr from time immemorial.recently pope francis admitted dr is gay lobby going on in vatican,dat a lot of them are engaged in it but d r few exception.4 dose of u dat has heavenly hope,he qouted”don’t be suprise to see atheists in heaven” because what he is seeing in vatican filled his eyes with terror! Dr has bn stories of reverend paedophiles too. Vatican is built on homosexuality

  8. Thank God that the Anglicans in Nigeria still have the fear of God in them. Anyone who is in support of same sex marriage is an anti Christ, irrespective of his/her position in a particular denomination. Jesus have mercy on us, Mother Mary help us. Proudly Catholic.

  9. @right, she has helped so many persons. I am a living testimony to that. @gailly, thank God u sed its nt legal. Its nt d Catholic Church dat encouraged it. D fact dat a follower is going astray does nt mean he is encouraged by his master.


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