NANS Angry At ASUU, ASUP, FG Over Strikes


The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, yesterday, appealed to the Federal Government, university lecturers and polytechnic teachers to resolve their face-off for the sake of students.

Speaking to News Agency of Nigeria on telephone, President of NANS, Mr Yinka Gbadebo, said, students had continued to be victims of conflicts between lecturers and governments.

Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, embarked on an infinite strike on July 1 to protest non implementation of a part of an agreement it had with the Federal Government in 2009, including adequate funding of universities and university autonomy.

Lecturers in polytechnics, under the aegis of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, ASUP, have also been on strike for months over Federal Government’s non implementation of an agreement.

According to Gbadebo, NANS members were angry at the lingering face-off which crippled academic activities in universities and polytechnics.

He said the union was not in support of ASUU, ASUP or the Federal Government, and wanted an end to the strikes which, he said, made the students idle, adding that the students were suffering unjustly.

“Students were not part of the plans for the strikes. We were not consulted before the action. The strikes are causing setbacks for students who must have planned their future. We cannot condone this anymore. We shall no longer accept strikes, as we are always at the receiving end,” he said.



    It’s so worrying and heart-rending to see the rot in this country advancing speedily without any iota of confrontation. Having taking my time to dissect into the annals of this great nation, i made one assertion, Mortals are naturally Selfish. Aristotle, many years ago made this submission that an average man is naturally selfish,a political animal who recognizes power as his form of social reponsibilty. Up till this day,his submission still holds. Questions i never stop asking myself is ‘What is Actually Working in this country of Ours? When are we going to get things right?
    When will our public officials be responsible? When will our honourables check the actual meaning of the word in the dictionary?when are we going to stop deceiving ourselves?when will our comrades and union look deep down in themselves and look at us in the eyes and say, YES i’m fighting your cause? When did we move from God fatherism to God motherism? when did a nobel laureate become an embarrasment to his country? when did we start rating 16 above 19?when will our national and state assembly stop being a wrestling field?when did our law court get compromised?when are we going to stop pointing all accusing fingers on our leaders?when are we going to stop using basic amenities such as water,elctricity,road etc. as campaign promises?

    Back those days when we were still tenderfoot,they told us Nigeria is the giant of Africa and that we will be its leaders by tomorrow,we were so excited and we moved around innocently with confidence, that we are actually in the best nation in the world, a land we thought was flowing with milk and honey, a land we cheerfully vowed to pilot her affairs when we grow up so she wont drop an in inch in her gianthood. OMG!! We were not only deceived but defrauded. Now that, we are grown up, we are still being told the same thing (leaders of tomorrow) when those at the helms of affairs then are still heating up and frying our polity,still in the political arena,never going to say die. What a fraud! We are being labelled a generation dead on arrival because we also sit back with full expression of defeatism on our faces. We have now taken solace in the place of prayer seeking the face of the creator to re-define our backgrounds. May God help us.

    Just recently, ASUP suspended her 81 days old strike based on a mere conjecture. Just because the once mused Joint committee of the Senate and House of Representatives on Education INTERVENED. The question is why wait this long before the intervention.Why didnt ASUP wait until the released of the white
    paper of the visitation panel to federal
    polytechnics. Will ASUU also wait for this long before the implementation of an agreement which the Federal Government by themselves signed. Will ASUU also suspend the strike if the senate intervenes. It’s so funny and laughable that nigeria university students suddenly realised the budjetary allocation to education sector is a meagre 8.2 percent, a lots of our student leaders across the country suddenly became politically conscious. Students leaders now pretending to assume the bastion of education in nigeria. Posterity will judge all of us.
    While we continue on the altar of prayer seeking the face of the creator for a change that we earnestly and collectively desire,i will conclude with the words of yamamoto tsunetomo ‘There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment…. Live.But if we live without having attaining that aim, we are cowards’
    Only a critical and intellectual mind will understand this. God bless us.

    Tosin Ayodele
    university of ibadan


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