NLC Criticizes FG’s “Incessant” Review of electricity charges

NLC President Mr. Abdulwahed Omar blasted the Federal Government’s “incessant and exorbitant’ review of electricity tariff. This is contained in a statement issued by Mr. Abdulwahed Omar, the NLC President, in Abuja.

nlcNLC recalled that in 2012, the charge that was 225 Naira was increased to over N700. “This review whether done suddenly or in advance is without justification or rationale and stand condemned as it will negate whatever gains expected to be recorded by the much vaunted reform in the power sector,’’ it said.

The statement revealed that the multi-year tariff structure by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) only protected the interest of investors in the power sector. According to the statement, the tariff has little or no consideration for consumers, most of whom are poor and incapable of paying. It stated that the tariff was exploitative and saddening, noting that the reviews were not accompanied by commensurate improved services.

“If anything, electricity service delivery has plummeted over the years with consumers compelled to pay exorbitant tariff rates for incompetence, poor service and fraud. “Judging from the yearly percentage increase, it is predictable that less than 10 per cent of the present consumers will be able to pay these outrageous tariffs in the next few years,” the statement said.

“The consequences of structuring electricity tariffs that are unreasonable and not affordable have grave implications for the economy and the people.” The NLC stated that a viable power sector was key to revamping and repositioning the economy.

It, therefore, called on the Federal Government to direct NERC, to as a matter of urgency, retrace its steps and review downward the entire multi-year tariff structure in the interest of the people.

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