[Opinion] ASUU/ASUP Stand-off With FG: The Government Are To Blame

As the days turned to weeks and months, the incessant concern for the strike seems not to bother the government. The inattention and neglect of our policy makers display an absolutely mind boggling degree of lack of negligence. This phenomenon has received increased criticism and public scrutiny.

That is the conundrum teachers have faced for years in Nigeria. There is growing consensus that the situation is dire and looking bleaker everyday. In fact, the question that could be posed and which begs for answer is why strike actions by university and polytechnic teachers are always confronted with levity by the Federal Government (FG). To dissect this question further, a deeper analysis might be necessary.

We have heard dire warning of the long-term effects of strike. It gives me a mind boggling
moment, seeing the FG remaining adamant to resolve imbroglio of this magnitude. The Nigerian schools is so dire that any bit of bad news would easily cause another collapse in the world ranking of universities.

This particular trend has painted our academic reputation dark, and yet the government
does not seem to budge. Brain drain among lecturers, low ranking of Nigerian universities, dearth of international students, forfeiting of Nigerian graduates license as happened to medical doctors abroad, to mention but a few, are all as a result of this.

The lecturers should be commended for being proactive in this stand-off with the FG. It beats my imagination when some people encourage their vilification. This is a fight we should join to fight. The lecturers are not fighting for their pocket . We should dis countenance the old aphorism that teachers reward is in heaven. These saying has been abused. This is a promise unfulfilled by the FG. These lecturers are not paid like their contemporaries in other discipline and yet they are ill treated. Unlike Oliver Twist that always asks, these teachers have not often asked. The strike is the culmination of a long struggle, coupled with the government inability to redeem the pledge made in the previous strike.

Join the fight now, our public schools has squalid infrastructures a sure recipe for burgeoning inequality in the country. Private schools are gradually taking over the place of public schools, a situation that if nothing is done, will deny people from economically disadvantaged-home education. Those criticising ASUU/ASUP ideas could be doing so from the position of ignorance. The two bodies are calling for a revival of the education sector.



  1. The so called govt should do something about this, they are making us to feel as if our Nigeria certificate is not important, Gosh i wonder when this country will grow up for this their stupid act

  2. dis so call FG shud call off ds strike oo,am nt even sure if de are educated,wo knws if d FG went to skul,jus like minister of education wo is dump at the sit.de shud beta do sumtin in de next meetin which is on Tuesday or all of dem shud skate 2hell.Fuck Nigeria n dia leader,u suck.gosh.Fuck u all

  3. I am undergraduat stil in the system, and am not happy with the strike coz it affect me, but base on what Asuu/Asup said, for me if that is their intention, they are right. The nigeria’s educational standard is what Asuu is here by to inprove, but i wish to call on Asuu/Asup to suspend this strike for God sake.

  4. Assuming there children where affected by the strike they will find something to do to it but this people there children where schooling abroad so they don’t know what the poor children are going through, when FG refuse to do what they where suppose to do the university go on strike and it affect the academic calendar, after NYSC no job