Opposition Leader ElBaradei To Be Named Egypt’s Interim PM


Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei was chosen as Egypt’s interim prime minister, according to sources close to the presidency.

A military source confirmed that the former UN nuclear watchdog chief was to be sworn in later on Saturday, three days after the army overthrew Morsi.

Interim leader Adli Mansour summoned ElBaradei to the presidential palace, the state news agency reported, without giving more details.

The Tamarod (rebellion) campaign had nominated ElBaradei to represent the movement in transition negotiations with the military.

ElBaradei, who won the Nobel peace prize in 2005 for his work with International Atomic Energy Agency, returned to Egypt in 2010 and became a prominent opponent of veteran strongman Hosni Mubarak in the lead-up to the 2011 uprising that overthrew him.

ElBaradei was to be sworn in at 8pm (18:00 GMT).