Oshiomhole Accuses FG Of Withholding Edo State Statutory Allocation

Adams-OshiomholeEdo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has alleged that the bulk of the statutory allocation due for his state is still unremitted.

Oshiomhole stated this yesterday while speaking at the Second Annual Seminar of the Public Complaints Commission, FCT, with theme “The Role of Public Complaints Commission in a Democratic Nigeria” which held at the Yar’Adua Adua Centre, Abuja.

The Governor noted that when budgets were passed by the National Assembly and signed by the government, it was unnecessary for the finance ministry to hold the money.

He, therefore, appealed to the Public Affairs Commission to address the issue which he said he was aggrieved about

According to Oshiomhole, “The budget that has been passed, my own share which is meant for me to address the challenges facing the people of Edo State, part of the money has been withheld. The ministry of finance is not releasing my money in full. And I want to place on a notice that between February till now more than N1.8billion for a small state like Edo is being delayed by Abuja. I have to perfect my own credibility as a governor to deliver my responsibility to contractors, workers and everyone that needs government attention. This situation I am facing is of course not pleasant. Something must be wrong.

“Something must be wrong if I as a governor can’t get my statutory allocation passed by the National Assembly and signed by the president. If I am not getting it, I am aggrieved. So PCC if you can help me, please do. Kindly go to the minister of finance and tell her to release my money. There are challenges and if we don’t manage them well, all of us stand the risk of losing our credibility in the eyes of our people.”