Pastor and Choir Mistress In The Act After Vigil


On many occasions, it has been observed that angry husbands stormed church premises at odd hours during the usual “night vigil” to drag their wives home, and attack anyone who tried to intervene.

Sometimes its due to information they receive about “things” like what is happening here…
When people who are wearing ‘holy’ white garment choose to sort themselves out in a corner around the church premises, then you know that moral values are really down in our society. How sad!

Can’t these secret lovers at least get a room for themselves for whatever?



  1. Journalism is about objectivity and saying the truth. Why on earth will such a thing be published in the name of news or information? There is no correlation between the picture and the storyline. Why causing confusion around, if you want to preach against imorality (which is a good thing to do) do so and give a better tittle for it. And not just captivating headline that has nothing to do with the story. This is just insinuation and nothingelse. Plsease stop feeding us with lies and deception.

  2. mere act…thanks for attempting to bastardize christianity. the question is who snapped them? so people sell pure water in the mid night? even if it was real(which i know wasnt), what are you aiming at by putting it on the media. my God is patient

    • I wonder, what is d aim of the pics and d post is? the poster mentioned that it ws in a night vigil but d pics showed that it ws during d day, it also claimed it was inside church, but see pure water behind d captured image. Poster pls get a better job and get busy.

  3. It is obvious that this two are not Pastor + Chorister and this picture was not taken in the night when vigil is right. The poster is totally misleading. Please post real information. They morally did wrong by kissing in sutana (White Garment) but they are not who you posted that they are. Its obvious.

  4. Dis pix is not real hw on earth can u call is broad day kissin nite or a vigil Wht eve dis too are couples pls u guys should post real things and stop dis nonse are u tryin 2 tanish d image of celestial or wht @ abi or wht ever ur name may b if u dnt knw any things abt a church keep ur dog mouth shot and stop sayin rubbish

  5. Well, the post might not be the actual time, as it seems its a day time pix, but we all should be careful (White Garment wearers) not to give room for all this type of rubbish to tarnish our names. Carefulness and strict adherents to the tenets of christiandom should apply. Those in the pix should be rebuked. Epo pupa leti aso funfun, abawon ni, (Oil on the white dress is a taboo). Please desist and God forgive you!

    • May the God of celestian 4give those who post dis pix. You just av to stop feeding nigga with fake new, who snap d pix 4day time like dis nd u re there telling us is night vigi???l.. I pray 4u not 2c d wahala of d man called JEOHVA..{Amen}

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  7. Young man,pple respected u &ur work b4 but u ar dstroying ur work &urself wt ds fabricated stories. In fact,sit down &view d pix,no correllation @all. U know wat,tell dos actress &actor in ur film to try to make it reall nxt time.We ar tired of ur post,am working on a software to block such from circulation…WATCH OUT..!!!

  8. Young man,pple respected u &ur work b4 but u ar dstroying ur work &urself wt ds fabricated stories. In fact,sit down &view d pix,no correllation @all. U know wat,tell dos actress &actor in ur film to try to make it reall nxt time.We ar tired of ur post,am working on a software to block such from circulation…WATCH OUT..!!!.

  9. May God punish all of you who speak ill of the church of Christ, that’s one of the things that bring unresolvable problems to ur lives. If you can’t say nothing nice, then hold ur peace and pretend to be wise for once….

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  11. The person dt posted this is a fool. Who knwz if dy r couples? U jst wanna tarnish d image of celestial church of christ whc d God Almighty won’t allow u. I still rep cele no mata wat. Doz commentin sayin rubbish abt cele urs too dy una body.

  12. I think d publisher can make dis post more authentic by telling us wat happened thereafter. Wia dey querried? (I mean d offenders; choir mistress n pastor). Otherwise dis is nonsense. D publisher shud be made to punish.

  13. None of u has said somfin reasonabl.d publisher claimed it was after vigil around d church premises buh neva said it happened in d church.infact are there not where tins ar kept in d church? Al of u ar jus shyin away frm d fact for sentimental reasons.or r u sayn it can’t happen! Stop deceivin yurself and say d truth

  14. There should be punishment for publicising fake news, obviously the pix ‎​and the story ® contrary as the teller described……the post is pointless, look 4 another corrective measure to curb immorality in our society if that is ur calling or MOTIVE

  15. Dis is set work, u pipu just decided to tarnish d image of white garment churches, is dis a 9t vigil?? Well, if so be d case, may God 4giv dem nd touch dia mind, nd if not be d case, i pray dat God will touch pipu dat’s postin dis kind of a things to tarnish d image of d white garment churches.

  16. u re doin rubish here.u re great liar ,i hav dis pix me 4 more dan a yr now. It was a drama, if check d guy cloth u will discover is no a garment,its nite gown called u re just writin to atract pple here..stop it or else thurder will strike u

  17. @ abi u are a big fool and mentally retard with ur comment have u make ur findings before u conclude, what gave u the assurance u can make heaven. Thou shall not judge and u just did a moron like u are the same person that will run to cele for salvation of ur crazy soul. If u look at the pic very well it is day time funny enough the two might not even be a cele member!


  19. I beliv it a drama just as someone just said. The two might not b cele… If u consider the closed snap shot,the 9t and day sorry revolving round d whole scene, u will agree wit me that the poster is definately wrong.

  20. dis is a drama n not as real as d publisher as said. even in d movie industry dey v a land wre dey dress in form of ccc Church n altar wit varieties of garments as costumes. the fact remains dat we should focus on d God we r serving and neva hear wateva pple may say 2 distract us. may God help us

  21. This is a total backmailing..paining the white colour black..stop publicizing what is not right all in the name of journalism…y would a rational human being pulicize this kind of pix and adding that this is what poeple on white garment does in the corner,rubbish does that look like corner..Nigeria Government should set up a commitee 2 penelize those news line with wrong information.may GOD of CCC intevein on this kind of act and give the publisher no rest untill he fully remove this and publicly apologies 2 christian on this same paper link and in the church…..

  22. The world has always been looking for ways to discredit the Church of Christ. It’s not a new thing since Christ too was accused wrongly, but I promise the publishers of such will live to face hell on earth all the days of their lives till they die.

  23. The person that post this pix will die, it will not be well with you, why are you people because you want to make money you are reducing the name of God and nailing Jesus the second time. I promise you life will not favor you again.