PDP Thrives On Tension Within The Party, Gana Says

pdp-logoFormer Information Minister and Chairman of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Special National Convention Committee, Prof. Jerry Gana, has played down reports that the party is on the precipice and could collapse any moment.

The former minister explained yesterday that the tension, which he described as ‘healthy’, is needed in the party because it would lead to progress.

Speaking at a ‘Tripartite Book Launch’ in Abuja where he was the co-chairman, Gana said those spelling doom for the PDP, “do not know the nature of the Peoples Democratic Party. But fortunately we know and can say to Nigerians that the PDP will never collapse, die, or disappear, at least for now.

“The reason we have the tension in the PDP from time to time, which is healthy for democracy, is because five major groups came together in 1998 to form the PDP.

“They buried their ideologies for the restoration of democratic rule and civilian authority.

“That is why there are five groups that could have been five political parties, so there is always tension, which is healthy.

“I’m always worried when there is silence in the party because it is only in the grave you have constant silence. Wherever there is tension, there is progress”, he remarked.