PDP’ll Be The Biggerst Loser If Amaechi Dumps Party – Rivers Govt

The Rivers State Governement has declared that if Governor Rotimi Amaechi leaves the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), it would be the biggest loser for it.

Amaechi-TukurLast weekend, the governor had told a gathering that if the party makes it uncomfortable for him to remain in its fold, he would seek his fortunes elsewhere together with his supporters.

Amaechi was quoted as saying, “I lead the people of Rivers State and I will lead you. If they suffocate us in PDP and we need to move, we move!”

The above comment drew a response from self-acclaimed leader of the Rivers PDP and Minister of State for Education, Chief Nyesom Wike, who said: “I don’t observe fasting; I have started fasting so that he would leave the PDP. Let us meet in the field. Let us convince the Rivers State people. Let him leave the PDP; he is getting too late. Let him leave now. Let us meet at the election.”

But in apparent disagreement with the Minister’s dismissal of the governor’s influence in the state, Commissioner for Information and Communications, Ibim Semenitari, maintained that the PDP would lose if Amaechi dumps the party.

She said, “That Governor Amaechi is loved, well respected locally, nationally and internationally is a known and obvious fact. The PDP would certainly lose a lot if Governor Amaechi ever leaves the party, which is more than anyone can say of the minister who incidentally is a beneficiary of Governor Amaechi’s benevolence.”


  1. Madam commissioner please advice him to carefully leave our great party because he’s not on ground,he has benefited more than the party has benefited from him,rather is the opposition parties that are benefiting from him,but I bet anyone who cares to bet if ameachi leaves PDP he can’t win even in his pollen unit not to talk of his ward because people don’t like nor want him & he’s not on ground.

  2. Yes Amaechi is loved and has been used by God to reach out to the masses. It is because he is not runing the government the way other PDP looting governors/leaders are doing that is why you are saying this rubbish. Yes PDP will die come 2105 and all those who are looting Nigerias resources on the platfom of PDP.

  3. We should understa dat Amechi leavin PDP wou nt be a gd interest to d peo of river state .likewis it wou’t affect PDP bC it is regarded as d largest party in Africa. Amechi shou reconcil all aggre members of d peopl an carry on d party he had laboured to builded.

  4. Amechi case is just like that of Atiku then, and the loser we all know now as we will surely see how Amechi is going to end with his his betrayal antics.


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