Photo: Bad Boy Mikel Obi Eyes Bikini Girl In Brazil While Being Interviewed


Perhaps the reason why the Eagles failed in Brazil is clear now. Our boys were busy getting distracted by Latina girls in bikini hence they couldn’t concentrate on the game on and off the field? Or maybe not.

Pictured above is Mikel Obi being interviewed by the media, and he is clearly distracted by the hot Brazilian girl who just walked past him.

Or what do you think?


  1. If u are visiting Brazil for d first time, u certainly will be flabbergasted and overwhelmed by d sheer amount of hard porn in their daily lives – mode of dressing, dancing, beach and street romance etc dat goes on. Worst still it is not restricted to age or class. U can find lovers stark naked walking gleefully at night while park and beach sex is common. Amazingly nobody seem to mind bcos it is a way of life, second skin. D highest reaction is d occassional hooting of horns or whistling when d babe is really hot.
    I will advise our old conservative moslems to avoid hardcore Brazil if they want convulsion and heart attack pse.
    But for a star like Mikel who have travelled far and wide and seen them in different shades and sizes, he showed off so much exasperation. One, d babe wasn’t too hot and two, she was accompanied.