Photos: Wizkid’s Girlfriend VS Davido’s Girlfriend, Who Is Hotter?


They are both young and doing very well in the Nigeria music industry. They have both being compared in almost everything, from fan clout to financial success to musical talents, and both have proven their worth in these areas over and over again. However, while reading through comments from different websites and blogs to see who is/has being ‘winning’ so far in the above comparisons, I noticed that both artistes’ girlfriends haven’t been compared! I searched but I couldn’t find anything!

I guess the reason is because, unlike Wizkid (who has a girlfriend and flaunts his relationship) lots of fans don’t know Davido  also has a girlfriend too! And yes, she is a looker! Her name is Nish Kards, and just like Wizkid’s belle Tania Omotayo she is mixed too! One wonders why Davido doesn’t want to flaunt his relationship. I guess he doesn’t want the media to spoil things for him.

Ok enough of the talk guys, oya back to the matter open and close

Below are the pictures of wizkid and his girlfriend Tania omotayo together and individual pictures of Tania omotayo….also below are the pictures of Davido and his girlfriend Nish kards together and individual pictures of Nish kards

So guys over to you all. who is hotter btw the two ladies?

NB: Forgive me guys I had to put lots pictures of both ladies so you all can ‘feed’ your eyes and also to enable you guys judge properly! You know one can’t use just one picture each to judge who is finer btw two individuals.

So let the judging begin. No partial o……See pics below:












Tits Pelt


  1. To me I think DAVIDO’S babe is hotter than WIZKID’S babe daz my own view. But the two girls are hot chicks

  2. #Davido girls friend: such a girl that flaunts her body recklessly should not be considered for marriage. Hot for bed simple. #Wizkid girl friend: Doesn’t flaunt her body, looks more responsible, good for a wify.

  3. wiz kids babe is finer and Looks like wife material but Davido’s girl looks wilder,wiser nd older. both are cute sha.

  4. i like wizkid girl she looks responsible, and she is good to go. Davido girl looks good too but she is not a marriage material..

  5. wizwid girlfrnd is beautiful while davido’s girl is hot so i prefer de beautiful one dan de hotter one.wizkid’s girl looks responsible.wat i knw is dat dey will hardly settle dnw

    • you know thing is that when ever it comes between Wizkid and Davido , Wizkid is at the top , coming to cash , fans , but truly typing Davido’s babe is more pretty , but Wizkid;s is hot , ur boy IPSON THE Gambia

  6. both are good but davido girlfriend is hotter.she has everything.some of ur fans are deviating from the question,they are talking about wife material,beauty,flaunting when the question is simply the hottest.both are hot but davido girl is d hottest.

  7. Both girls are pretty,cute and hot. Is only that davido girl expose her body that’s why she’s hotest,but if wizkid own too do that I think she will also hot as both are really hot!

  8. The both are just okay. they hot, they sexy. they beautiful but I ⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊ prefer divido to wizkid but wizkid girlfriend is pretty than that of divido Ąπϑ wiz is more succeful in RnB but in party jamz divido is the best for now.

  9. oh God shey u pack chewing gum 4 eye?davido Chick hot pass,shes sexy nd beautiful anyway wizkids Chicks also nt gud enough.

  10. This fools do not understand the question, who is talking abt wife materil here, this are teenagers flexing their talent for now, Davido’s chic is finer and hotter gbam!

  11. Davido’s gf looks wild just like davido. Wizkid gf looks cool and humble like wizkid. Wizkid gf looks like she combines beauty with intelligence. I wonder if davido’s gf has anything upstairs. Wizkid gf uses less make makeup and dresses more responsible. She is one u can take home to Mama. Davido gf looks like a stripper or club girl. Well beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and having said enough, I will go for wizkid gf

    • Trust me guys lets not jst say what we fill like sayimg bcoz, D truth is d both of dem were both creted in d image & likeness of God, dats 2 say there re both damsels & guess what there re both lucky 2 hv such guys as boyfriends 4real dats my Take……

  12. They are both cute but davido gf has d hottes shape Α̲̅πϑ sexy eye Α̲̅πϑ a beautiful face,wizkid gf Ï̤̣̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ a hot model but does not have a pretty face,so I prefr omo baba olowo gf.shikinah.

  13. E be like some pple don dey dump, we dey talk of who is more hoter and finer, sum people dey talk of character. Una sabi them one on 1? Or them tell u say them want marry them? I go vex slap somebody tru fone o, cudos to davido he have d finest lady, wizkid girl dey learn.

    • abi Ooo, people talking about character answer that question do u kw dem one on 1? davido’s gf is more beautiful dan dat of wizkid’s dat’s d truth.

  14. Though both are beautiful but Wizzy girl looks like shy type while Davido’s girl looks hotter. I jst don’t know why people talk abt wife material here.

  15. Wiski girl is fine than davido girl but for music I go for davido is d hottest artist now. If I put politics I go for davido girl.

  16. The 2 girls are hot bt davido girl is sexier nd hotter bt nt a housewife material she z a bitch..I tink wizkid gurl is purer nd surer nd has more dressin sense dan davido girl dat will jst expose her private body

  17. i go 4 wizkid galfrd,she luks wife material 2 me,dan dat of davido,let nt talk abut hot,let go 4 d luk and wat dey av got inside

  18. Davido gf is hotter dan wizkid gf. But respect 2 tania omotayo a decent girl as i luk at her pics coz all her pics is very cute nt like davido gf,we girlz of nw adayz we need 2 b well decent bcoz as we dress we wil b address 4 some1 2 b hotter dose nt mean anytin 2 me 2 b decent is my concern.

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  20. Honestly speaking. Davido’s girl is hotter than. Wizkid’s girl, but they are both worth calling girlfriend

  21. Hot or no is nt a reason of compliment bt what we should compliment on is behaviour and qualities, both are pretty young ladies and we should also undastand dat xposure 2 som certain events can mak someone luks as if she’s hot. So let’s pls reason on their character abeg b4 drawin our conclusion on who is gud 4 a marriage mate.

  22. Jobless nigerians! Comparing girl friends of people who dont know your names. What are they going to do with your comparisms? Did you ever ask yourself!

  23. To be frank non of the girls look responsible to me, but the question here is” who is hotter” the both look hot, sexy, beautiful but davido’s girlfriend is much hotter and sexy….

  24. Who is talking about being responsible, Re u pple responsible dan her? Nobody sabi una bt they re celebrities, so stop talking rubbish nd face de simple question. Davido’s gal is de hottest. Davido tell una say he go marry her abi wizzy talk so? Make una no kill una sef ooo

  25. Davido’s chic is hotter and prettier……na wao 4 some comment…how can u conclude dat some1 is marriageable n one is not becos of pics……dats why alot pick the wrong girl…..

  26. simple question…who is hotter?no1 is asking for wife material or who is beautiful,wonder why some dumb guys here are sayin one is exposing her body or talking abt one being intelligent.Davido’s gf is hotter.

  27. Davido’s girl is hot, Hell is hot! Wizkid’s girl is lovely, heaven is lovely! Which will y’all should then choose?

  28. Both girls are beautiful and hot,but davido’s girlfrnd is hottest according 2d questn,but 2b sincere she is voted d hottest bcos she is half naked,but i knw one fn 4sure if both girls were 2b dressed in dat manner,wizzy’s girl wuld b d hottest,davido’s girl’s tummy is 2big nd 2me dat make’s her less sexy,but u can still see how hot nd sexy tania omotayo is in clothing,kuddos girl,thumbs up,but both girls av got beautiful faces

  29. dumb asses……..who ask abt xrcter and wife material……..some of u here u babe na notin to write abt……..u dey here dey judge…..sabi….sabi………..who hot pass?… turn german question………simple question …….u beging dey talk trash….abi na ur own holy pass…..clean the cheat wen dey ur yansh b4. u talk of person own

  30. well fine baby na fine make we no compare the bot fine no be small ,well money talk shit work
    that just the meaning of what we all is seeing today in how world that what i can say

  31. davido ur gobe is on fire hold ha tight so she wont be snached out of ur hand as for wizkid his own is , let me jst say sexy

  32. Both the two grls are very pretty,bt takin about hot&pretty,davido grl is hot while wizkid grl is more pretty dan davido’s babe

  33. The truth of the matter is davido’s gf is more prettier n hotter dan wizzy’s….no one is talkin abt marriage cos dnt think they re plannin beyond gf,they’re both cute,u can’t judge whose more responsible,nt only their pix can tell

  34. All of you are fools did dy ask u guys abut responsible abi hot•• No wonda naija dy always show der logo…… Davido chick is d hottest

  35. Put wife material, responsible nd odas aside, kos dats not d question! Who is hotter nd dats al! So it is davido’s gf! Ad it mean the question is who is a wife material it would av bin wizy! So dis how u pple fail a simple nd clear question! Don’t u knw d meaning of hot!? Luk @ deir body language, positions nd dressing, movement dats wat we kal hot! So it is davido’s gf! Don’t argue about dat again! Afterall pics dey dere to proff am!

  36. Due to the question it is davido gf nd nutin else! Wizkid wife jus yellow like pawpaw!!! Davido gf face sef beat evrytin nt to tak of body posture, language nd dressing!

  37. komon guyz u ar nt getin dis tin they ar nt talkin abut who’s gud 4 a wif but who’s HOTTER!!!as 4 Davido girl is hotter am a true fans of WIZKID but i need 2 b honest nd sincere but u guyz shuld knw dat WIZKID can NEVER! NEVER!! NEVER!!! date a girl who’s hot lyk davido koz he’s not COURAGIOUS 2 du dat

  38. I tink the both girls are gud,since they do the same thing buh our guys are wicked!dey use 9ja girls dumped dem and go out2 Look 4der taste 2bad.

  39. Half naked girls re hot while well dressed girls are beautiful. So hell is hot while heaven is beautiful. Now make ur choice? I no talk anytin ooooooooo…

  40. To be frank neither Wizkid nor Davido’s girlfriend is my problem… De fact is dat Wizkid’s sister has got me dumbstruck wit ha uncompared beauty. Pls cn u guys help plead wit Wizkid 2 jst dash me his sister b4 i go faint here! Dat babe 2 set lyk MAMMy WAtA!!!

  41. dat y majority of u fail exam
    d question asked here is
    not prettiest or wife material
    so go straight to the point


  42. God am so in love with wizkids girlfriend that girl is a goddess davido’s girlfriend on the other hand is a disaster (no offense) my vote goes 4 Omotani one hundred percent NB: Davidos gf is veri hot with her cloths on

  43. wizkid girlfrend beta pass davido’s girlfrend.wizkid girlfrend is hotter,pretier,nd responsible.davido girlfrend fyn,hot bt exposin her body is an irresponsible act

  44. God doz of saying wiskid babe una jst dey jealous. Who is talking abt wife material do u knw wizkid babe in nd out abeg make una no talk nonsence. Davido ur babe rocks, she’s sexy, hot , she too much. Wiskid pple enter bush kill urself. No b only wiskid na puss wiskers

  45. y r ple so daft? D question is this, who is hotter n not who is take home 2 Mama!!! Does any1 here knw d babes. Abeg Davido Ur babe hot pass!!! Though both chics r DIVAs. Una fine jare

  46. sum pple are jxt talkn nonsence simple questin dey are talking rubbish out of sence mtchew.ehhnn ehhn davido beta persn ur gal is hotter dan dat of wizzy she is sexy nd i surely knw she will b gud on bed i lyk her muah she is surely a gobee gal.

  47. dey both gud,buh 2 be honest wizkid na ur gurl beta pass she luks responsible i rate davido girlfriend twenty wizkid ur girrlfriend hunderred

  48. D question is who is d hottest babe, I go 4 davido’s gal frnd, she is beautiful more beautiful than wizkids gal frnd. And d chick is hot

  49. I think if wizkid’s gf is to wear bikini like davido’s did she’ll be hotter but with the pictures to judge davido’s gf is hotter… The pics sef do partial why you know upload same kind of pictures for the two of em…. But I love wizkid’s gal xoo much… Kudos wizzy you’ve got a gal of class

  50. Their r both pretty buh wizkid g.f luk prettier nd stunning even hotter dan davido nt until a girl is on bikini u knw she z hot,wizkid g.f is hot despite she z dressed.welldone wizzy u music rocks more dan davido.


  52. Wizkid ur babe is more beautifull and better than davido,wizkid ur babe look responsibled and look like a good wife,some people say ur babe is nt hurt don:t mind them is nt when u neaked ur self dat u are hurt,but when ur husband enjoy u dat is wat matter nt untill u neaked ur like dat davido reakless girl,don:t mind anybody u ar more beautifull dan davido girlfriend.

  53. U nigerianz are jez too dump 4 ma lykin wizkid gf may b decent d way u see her buh no one knw wats inside they may get married today and become cats and rats buh davido’s gf seem reckless buh they may also get married today and live hapily ever after d point is never jugde by sight cause d devil dat u knw may be beta dan dangel u don’t credits 2 d one and only OMO BABA LOWO ur chick iz more hotter jare….. Davido……. Jah bless ur soul

  54. both r hot n beautiful bt I prefer wizkid’s gf cos I lyk decent gal expecially in dressing. it brings out d real beauty…

  55. Fnobody is talkin of character or wife material, moreover Ђδω did u guys no dat wizkid babe is more responsible, their dressing doesn’t really matter, moreover d question is who is hotter, both are cute bt davido gurl is hooter

  56. Why people judge by look,becos wizkid girl is cool in look nd davido babe is hot in look,dat means she is nt good for marriage,una b biggest mumu.davido u got ma vote,ur babe na international queen,no leave am ooo,even she stripe herslf 4 d whole world,it doesnt mean she has a bad character,she is hoot,beautiful,creamy,nice shape,kip it up,wizkid ur babe sef try bt dnt compare it to SKELEWU MASTER

  57. Starboy things…. Dere is nothng 2 compare btwn u nd Davido….ur grl is d classic,nt evn ur grl u ar more handsome dan Davido him slf…Davido nly tryng 2 nude his grl in d pic 2 mke ha admirable….wizkid ur gal is cute nd pretty……almst 90% dan Davido……davido dnt hav anythng tin 2 compare wit wizkid in dis earth……wizzy baby d best….

  58. I prefer starboy’s gf than davido…..wizzy and his madam is a perfect match while David and his gal looks wired( just hope she’s not as rude,proud and insolent like David) omg star boy you rock jare

  59. Well if u look closely u would see that davido’s girl got all d natural resources in fold.wizkid’s girl her boobs are flat nd u can see it clearly frm d gown she me davidos Is prettier nd hotter. But I like wizkids girl simplicity in dressing.

  60. WIZKID’S GIRL IS HOTTER!!! You must not be too nude to be hot. Davido’s gal looks like a Stripper and a call girl. Plus she still dey bleach upon say she fair and she has a huge Tummy. Tania is beauty personified as such she is hotter + her brains.

  61. well,wizkidx gurl x more cute…tania ai luff u jawe,u dnt nid tew dwess lyk ah hoe b4 u knw who x hot…u hot tania,wizzy beby,ma number1

  62. I bliv evry1 as his or her favourite nd d way i see fins.u guyz r jst bein personal,deh r both ok but davido’s girl it hotter nd d question was:who is hotter…letz b fair…dnt hate bcoz d guy is 4rm a rich home

  63. Na wa 4 nigerians o simple english una no understand. Wizkid n davido tell una say dem wan marry d gals? Abi una knw d gals in person weh una deh judge character? Sum of des pple weh deh talk here if dem upload deir babes foto pple fone go crash wit deir dirty skin. Make una read well b4 una open una dirty mouth deh condem person. Ibeg d 2 gals fyn jor.

  64. Ɣ☺u̶̲̥̅̊ go fear coment ☺º°˚˚°ºoo , pple dey say Davido’s girl is nt a marriage material…who r Ɣ☺u̶̲̥̅̊ 2 judge a Lady who is a has a marriage material???…
    Jhoor ☺º°˚˚°ºoo,d Ladies r cutie nd appear presentable..Gbam

  65. David’s girl is not just hot, but also very very beautiful to take away. This one way ur fans dey talk about wife material wife material! Who tell them say the two young guys are ready for marriage in the next 10 years to come.

  66. D question s simple nd again i gat to say dis to ppl talkin abt marriage *dont judge a book by d cover*davido’s gal myt b xposin her body nt 4 u guyz bt 4 her b4 abi una want mak som bad belle colllect her bf,galz eyes dey chuck dis dayz if u no d antidot jst provide t#cheerz to davido’s boo wit her prety natural lukz

  67. Davido’s gf is hotter, wild, loose, cuz she is kinda flirty and ready to flaunt. Wizkids gf cute, def. hot witout flauntin, looks innocent n responsible, kinda wifey material tho u can’t judge a novel by its title

  68. una no get work!! una stay here dey compare they gehfriends…..instead make una dey make moves to see how una go date em girls….Ttttaaaah!haaa!haaa! ion even know bout y’all!!

  69. davido’s gfrnd is hotter, beautiful nd cute dan wizkid’s gfrnd………
    but wizkid’s gfrnd is house wife material………..

  70. believe me guys,u knw wat u lyk 2 see in ur lady. both gurls are xo choice: davidos. wizkids is pretty xo much bt davidos is out of dix world,e be lyk messi n ronaldo matter,lolz. seriously

  71. to me iooooooo its not all abt makeuopsss wizkid babe is more butifukl nd sxy davidos grl even looks far too older dan davido himslf wizzzzzzzyyyyy uv got d perfect mach

  72. Wen u look @ dos pix over again, u all will c dat being hotter also means being sexier and more attracting” and dis involves ur physique’. And I will say dat wizkid gal has a very wonderful physique. Unlike davido” tho, his is beautiful but even @ xposing her body, her stomach looks lik “”” kilode”” she. Has foldings every where” of whc a hot gal dnt have, guys make una talk true 4 once’ una no lik davido pass me o but eh 4get” 4. Dis mata @ dis atimer eh!!! Wizkid babe MAKE BRAINS’ she is prettier, sexier, hotter name it” abeg make una dey try talk true! Afterall none of dem dey dash us money” instead na we dey buy dia songs” stay blessed!!! But me hot pass o! Lol

  73. If u go though d previous comment, u’ll observe dat most pple in support of davido’s gal r just very insultive, rude and lack manners ” u musn’t inssult odas just bcos dia choice is not urs ” u have a reason 4 ur choice and dey have dias 2′ like I said b4, ” STAR BOI WIzzY ur babe Make brains” no foldings” afterall rihanna is not having big breast and boobs but she is very hot” 4 dos wey go vex kwa” no vex na d fact!

  74. As for me I think davido’s gf hot and beatiful but not good 4 marriage why wizkid’s gf is hot,beatiful resposible and I like dat and she will b good 4 marriage.I choose wizkid’s gf

  75. dnt use dog compare wizzy baba,star boy gf hotter dan davido gf and also wizkid gf responsible dan davido gf…….bt u ar funny here oooo y ar u using star boy compare davido dt nt ave talent video lyk wizzy baba?abeg delete davido

  76. No wonder Nigeria isn’t growin, cos of the people, simple question ‘WHO IS HOTTER?’ some people ain’t matured at all, why d insult, some r sayin ‘wife material’. ‘nt wife material’ c’mon aw wil u jus conclude wit mere pictures??? to me, n d pics dat I’ve seen, both are beautiful, but, I’d move slightly 2wards Davido’s babe, cos of her shape.

  77. See beefin!!!!!! #Johnson tunde# u no get sense @all…… U b d biggest fool, no b ur fault ur parent no get money tew send u go skul, daz y u culd’nt undastnd simple english……..if Davido b ur cosin, shey u go cal him gfrnd DOG? #Irep# DAVIDO 4 life..

  78. Wen yo wana talk abt being hot,mere luking @ davido,Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊ wana blush,meaning shez as hot as eva!!pls help ṁ̭̥̈̅̄ε̲̣̣̣̥ tweet davido @iam davido 2 lend ṁ̭̥̈̅̄ε̲̣̣̣̥ hiz woman Fơ̴̴̴̴͡я̲̅ a week..plz y’ll

  79. This fools do not understand the
    question, who is talking abt wife
    material here, this are teenagers
    flexing their talent for now,a simple question who is hotter here..
    Davido’s chic is finer and hotter
    gbam!see shape.

  80. This fools do not understand the
    question, who is talking abt wife
    material here, this are teenagers
    flexing their talent for now,a
    simple question who is hotter
    Davido’s chic is finer and hotter
    gbam!see shape.

  81. Davido babe morder wizkid babe period. Does pple dat are talking about responsible or wife material make una go learn english,I wonder if u guys know’s dem in person or dia character.

  82. D question say who I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ d hottest nt house material davido’s girlfrnd I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ hot ogbono feli feli

  83. I Lyk both of dem, buh i tink Wizikid’s gf is responsible dan Davido’s gf, both of dem are presentable 2 d public. Menn ride on, e no dey easy 2 get fine baby.

  84. i will say that Davidso’s doll is the ish…she is a girl you wanna look more than twice when you pass by…though wizkid doll fine but davidos doll murdered it….but the boy dey f up,e gats flaunt dis doll all the way abeg make niger knw watzup

  85. I don’t wanna b sentimental,wizkid’s girlfriend is ma name sake dey re both pretty bt confusing at d same time let them not wear make up then we will b able to judge dem well nd please include olamide nd vector’s girl too


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  87. emmmm as for me both are quite pretty but i no kw whether sum pple wear ashoke 4 eyes….come on ya’ll davido’s babe is prettier n sexier covered or uncovered its just she has 2 work on her tommy ….as 4 those wey dey talk abt wife material shey na una won wed them? mtchewww

  88. Dem talk say who HOT dem no say who FINE PASS so davido gf wan she us say she HOT so y cmplnin no b HOT dem rit dia…. She is gud on bed only.. Wat of wizkid gf nva fuck m too… D bot fine nd davido u gf she is hot pretty cute lukin gud… Whil wizkid u babe fine too i knw u don ce ha wif pant nd bra me nva see na mk i knw if she hot pass davido gf….

  89. Beauty is in character. ..
    Both babes are hot….. but baba na baba.
    the swgg is just to much…
    My vote goes n remains with Wizkidayo… anytime any day.

  90. Davido girlfriend is older,ugly,goat,mumu,idiot,she is not a wife material.davido abeg nor marry dis girl, dis girl na hallot, wizkid girlfriend is more responsible, decent, inocent, beautiful, she is more hotter.

  91. Fellas AHAN this does not have to do with who is a slot or not,it has to do with who is hotter.Davido and Wizkid made their choices so encourage them but if u no like am,plz marry Mother Theresa…..Both girls are cool.

  92. Can u guys allow ur gurlfrnd/wiff 2 showoff her bokini body 2 evrybdy?iv u say yes [email protected] means u r both stupid,2 say d matter of fact puttin on stupid cloth doesnt make u luk beautiful or sexy.2 say d truth wizkid gurlfrnd dress lky a normal humanbeing witout evn make up omo yen wa pa.(2nd quetn)can u allow ur lady/wife 2 put on a cloth dat showoff her breast?iv u say yes it shows dat both of u r senseless.a gud well nd rponsible guy/man shou kwn dat wizkid gurlfrnd is hotter.

  93. Wizkid’s girlfriend has far more class than Davido’s… She dresses sexy but doesn’t need to show everything. Of course a lot would like Davido’s girlfriend, what man doesn’t enjoy seeing this kind of dress?

  94. come una no get work, davido n wizzy dey pay una? weda their babes hot or nt dem complain? make una no go think of how to get fame so oda ppl go comment on una babe.

  95. how do u know which one is wife material or which one is of questionable character, is it just by dressing alone. some people dress in anything they are comfortable in and that doesn’t make them bad people. in fact those u viewed as bad could be the best. have u ever thought about if davido was the one telling his girl to dress that way cos they are celebrity and they tend to act as such though not proper. anyway the prettiest couple goes to Davido and his babe.

  96. Well ‘ ummmm if u wana judge u watch we’ll we’ll ,ummmm wizkid girl is hot ,pretty n gud fr ome wizkid gt a sweet wif cos he is a nigerian guy in abroad dey dnt care of may b u r gud or bave We’ll wiskid u tried a lot kip it up u r d bstd. is gurl is gud

  97. Some people are just dumb with their comments… No one is talking about marriage. They asked who’s hotter.. To me Wizzy’s girl’s breast is like my great grand mother’ (Fallen), Davido’s chick is just DOPE…

  98. I was thinking u guys will show me one village beautiful girl…all this girls wey don use billions to wash themselves na it I go come they use my subscription waste on?sss!!!beautiful my ass!

  99. davido babe is the finest…and u don’t judge by dressing cos bad wife can even dress as a priest oh’shine ur eyes and as for babes u guys r most worst than Davido’s girlfriend dressing!

  100. Ol I gatx 2 say ix……. Irresponsible man ix entitled 2 irresponsible woman/lady/gurl……. Txcheww godemn bullshit……. I no send…….Ice Prince ft Wizkid “Komotion” – The Lyrics And Mp3 Download Link | Od Wonder Blog Of Musical Lyrics

  101. i prefer Davido girl friend to Wizkid. Davido girl have more swag than Wizkid so need to compare the two, she is hot, she is beautiful and they both matches

  102. I beg no dey take look dey judge wizzy girl maybe cool for face make she bad o as for me o r two of dem dey sexy nd hot but I will go for davido chic she is a real chikito

  103. Davido’s gf is a bitch, well dressed gals are beautiful, half naked gals are hot…heaven is beautiful nd hell is hot. D choice is urs

  104. But of dem are hot but as for pretty but of dem is very pretty wizzy gal is some1 responsiby for a wife bcos she dress responsiby

  105. But of dem are hot but as for pretty but of dem is very pretty wizzy gal is some1 responsiby for a wife bcos she dress responsiby dat our my own girlfriend is 2 she dress responsiby she dress lik wizkid galfriend

  106. Wow,I wonder how you people pass in school. Who asked you all you are saying and who are you to judge anybody anyhow so callously? Trust me they will also judge you that. Do u know wat they both do in secret? Does good appearance means sm1 isn’t evil?or do u know if d person who posted this only use the pics he could lay his hand on? Do u even know if there is a naked pics of wiskid’s gf somewhere? Plssss becareful when judging people. That your gf put on wrapper doesn’t mean she is responsible. You want to talk of responsibility? How come she got pregnant and give birth outside marriage? Mschew. As for me the two are pretty but Davido’s gf is hotter and cute. Thanks

  107. u all say davido chick hot nah because she pull clothe wizzy knows watz behind does clothes wizzy chick final mehn she dope


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