(PHOTOS) Freaky: Nigerian BBA Rep Beverly Osu Let’s Housemate Angelo ‘finger’ Her

09 05

Nigerian rep Beverly Osu and fellow BBA housemate, South African rep Angelo, took their flirting to the next level last night after the Saturday party. The two went to one of the rooms where they kissed passionately and then Beverly allowed her dread locked wanna-be-lover to satisfy her sexually with his fingers. (photo on the right).
Source: LIB


  1. She’s a disgrace to her own self and not my country nigeria,we are whites so therefore we can’t condone her stupidity.even d whites ve got some level of decency,mtcheeew uselesss whore

  2. It is a game i believe most of us out there condeming her we do worst than her pls let her be it is her life

    Nah her life let her live it d way dat pleace her

  3. Cant they jst stop involving nigerians in dis bba? Cos every bdy that has been representing nigerian are nothing but disgrace.

  4. Pls. Wt the essence of that BBA? wt ppl are benefiting from it? Wt does it assist african ppl with it? Pls i need answer.

  5. Is this a prestige or an embassment as well as an abashment for the so called Big Brother Africa? May God forgive you all

  6. The only moral lesson I can note in dix bba Is, u can do wot eva u like nd still get paid. I feel if dey even offer an opportunity to learn skills of diferent vocation it will be be beta off dan selling porn.

  7. Na wah oooo! It is diffclt 2 no what is right dis days; morality or imorality? Decency or gross indecency? I cnt figure out d whole idea of dis bba; it’s ……………

  8. As U can see my dear brother’s and sister’s. If U were to access the beautiful Aisha by her just concluded out-fit ,after convertion into her newly found faith, I think U don’t even need to ask whether she’s trully following the correct religion or not , as U can see, she is now looking more responsible and complete in decency and faith. Praise the lord and join the true religion. All praise be to Allah , the lord of the universe.


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