Please Take Caution: See Photo Of Man Who Was Knocked By A Moving Train Because He Had Ear Phones Plugged To His Ears.

A young man was hit by a moving train this past weekend as he was walking into on the tracks along Agege motor road by Airport bus stop, Ikeja.


According to reports, the man had his ears covered with ear phones as he walked on the train tracks which prevented him from hearing the train approaching. He was then knocked down by the moving train.

Sympathizers approached the scene of the accident and proceeded to rescue the man. As at the time he was rushed to Ikeja General Hospital, the man was still alive but his head was battered.

His current state of health cannot be ascertained at this time.


  1. Pls federal government should call of the polytechnic strik!!! Wat is our tertiary institutions turning into, could u reason together with me dat 4d past 2 or 3 months academics staff union of polytechnic (ASUP) is still on strik. On nws media yesterday, that d strik will continue dat noting have be done 2 end d strik. Plz prof. Rugayyatu minister of education & our president goodluck Jonathan GCFR, should do sometin 4d better of our youth, i my self i am affected by the strik. I’m tired of staying at home doing noting!


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