Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Say NO To Gay Marriage

Pope Francis with Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Francis with Pope Benedict XVI

The Vatican on Friday issued an unprecedented religious text co-written by Pope Francis and his predecessor Benedict XVI in which the two popes said faith should serve the “common good” but restated their opposition to gay marriage.

Francis paid tribute to pope emeritus Benedict XVI in the encyclical, saying that the ex-pontiff had “almost completed” the text before stepping down in a historic move this year and that he himself had merely added “further contributions.”

There has been wide controversies over the church’s stand on the issue of same-s*x marriage, with some religious who are supposed to be celibate having been accused of gay relationships in the past.

Many countries around the world are beginning to recognise gay marriage as they claim it’s simply ensuring there is equality, even in marriage, and that nobody’s rights are infringed on.

The church has now reiterated its stand on the ‘unnatural’ union with the message from the pope and his predecessor.