Private Photos of Prince William and His Wife?

Pictures of Prince William, Kate and Pippa preparing for the arrival of the heir to the throne, setting up a cot, stockpiling nappies and trying out some pre-natal yoga have been revealed, part of the latest offering from a well-renowned lookalike artist, Alison Jackson.

william_and_kate_actors_10There’s even a picture of Kate showing off her burgeoning bump. Scroll down for more photos…

Jackson uses doubles to recreate fantasy shots of celebrities, this time turning her artistry on the expectant parents.

Other offerings in Jackson’s recent canon include the Duchess of Cambridge enjoying a baby shower receiving gifts from the Queen and Camilla, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the birth of their bizarrely named sire North West.

william_and_kate_actors_02 william_and_kate_actors_05 william_and_kate_actors_06 william_and_kate_actors_07 william_and_kate_actors_09









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