Provide Proof Of My Corruption Or Keep Quiet, Jimoh Ibrahim Dares Critics

jimoh-ibrahimBillionaire businessman and Group Managing Director of Energy Group Conglomerate, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim, has berated a section of the social media for circulating baseless and unfounded rumours about him.

Piqued by the development, he challenged those involved to come out in the open, if they are capable of withstanding the legal consequences of their actions.

In a press statement issued on Monday, Ibrahim said his attention had been drawn to false information circulating on the internet about Air Nigeria and a purported invitation to him to deliver a lecture on anti-corruption in the United Kingdom.

He said the statement was false as he did not receive an invitation to deliver any lecture on corruption in England.


However, he stated that the only invitation he received was from the Nigeria Police to deliver a lecture in Lagos, two weeks ago to which he had informed the state Commissioner of Police that he would not be able to present the lecture personally but mandated the General Counsel of Energy Group, who prepared the paper, to deliver it on his behalf.

He pointed out that the police, in return, sent a plaque to him in appreciation of the gesture.

Ibrahim warned “jobless people, who have nothing to do to return to university classrooms for proper education, since their degrees have expired.”

He further alluded to the fact that governments of various countries and Harvard Law School students had extended invitations to him in the past to give lectures, noting that only last year, he delivered a lecture in Chicago, United States, at the African-American Business Roundtable, which was co-sponsored by the government of the United States and government of several African nations.

On his investment in Air Nigeria, Ibrahim said “I bought Air Nigeria with my money,” adding that it was left for him to do what he liked with it.

“It is not a crime to sell my shares or stop it from operations,” he said, adding that he had no apologies for those shedding crocodile tears on the matter.

Not done yet with those who would seek to criminalize him, Ibrahim said they should be bold enough to initiate civil proceedings against him and “get themselves disgraced” in the process.

Ibrahim, who signified his interest to expand his business empire, noted that he had not acquired up to 50 per cent of assets held by Bill Gates (the world’s richest man), adding that the world still owed him a lot of assets to acquire and advised the public to disregard such fake allegations being sponsored by businessmen who could not withstand competition.

He said as of last count, his conglomerate had over 10,000 people on its payroll worldwide.


  1. Each time I read through some jobless Nigerians comment about the Successful business men in this country,tears roll down my eyes,because I know they will soon perish because of lack of knowledge and immaturity.will it not be funny to know that a man who his entire family can not afford to establish a pure water factory,will be running down a man who has invested several hundreds of millions of dollars on a business and yet the same Nigerians will not let the business succeed.
    A good example is the case of Barr. Jimoh Ibrahim and his critics,anytime I read about people criticising Jimoh Ibrahim,using the opportunity of the social network I always feel for him .but the question I keep asking is ,Is it a crime for a young man of his age to have gotten so much investment both here in nigeria and abroad,just to put food on the tables of a very high number of people the government can not give employment to? This young man invested heavily on oil and gas in this country,the Nigerian factor set in and he decided to close down all the filling stations for a while and now they are back to operation.He invested heavily of Airline business,not because his children are coming to work there,but for the unemployed Nigerians to get engaged,still Nigerian factor set in,the staffs decided to go on strike on a Monday which was the first day of the new month that their salary for the previous month was delayed,is that not disloyalty?meanwhile there are some government agency that pay the last month salary in the middle of the new month. For newswatch,the man bought the company at the point of collapse just to safe a lot of. Nigerians their means of livelihood ,today newswatch is doing who ever has any person issue with him should come out and say it with fact and figures and stop all this cheap blackmail,why is it that anytime he fired any of the fraudulent staff in the group people will start going on Internet to say all such of trash.

  2. mr Banky,
    i pity u with the wool that is covering your eyes, if you so much feel for jimoh why not go and pledge your loyalty to him and work for him and after 1 year you should come back and inform the public what you experience was.
    if jimoh is so bold that he is innocent he should tell the whole world why he got burns on his hand, was it not during the burning of the documents that would put him behind bars, why did the senate committee on aviation suddenly stop showing the preceding on tv, because the truth is about to come out as Jimoh has no zip over his mouth and his cohorts will all be mentioned.
    open your eyes and see , if you own a company that ti making billions for you yearly will you shut it or get other people to work there if loyalty is your problem.
    this is just the beginning for him God is still waiting for him, let him keep trying to launder his image , and see what God can do.


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