Remove Rivers Police Commissioner Or We Stop Funding Of Police, Four Northern Govs Tell IGP

a34781a138efd3615965b330d671f004A team of four northern governors on a solidarity visit to their Rivers State counterpart, Governor Rotimi Amaechi, have unequivocally called for the immediate redeployment of the Commissioner of Police in the state, Joseph Mbu, over what they described as his unprofessionalism and political partisanship in the crises beleaguering the state.

In a communiqué issued to journalists shortly before they drove out of the Government House in the company of Mr. Amaechi, the governors; Babangida Aliyu (Niger); Murtala Nyako (Adamawa); Sule Lamido (Jigawa); and Rabiu Kwankwaso (Kano), said following their interaction with stakeholders in the state, it was evident that  Mr. Mbu was being used to persecute Mr. Amaechi.

“We wish to call on the Inspector General of Police to hearken to the voices of reason and immediately redeploy and discipline Commissioner Joseph Mbu,” the statement said.

“His action smacks of unprofessionalism and political partisanship which is unbecoming of his office.”


Sounding tough, the governors threatened to reconsider their earlier commitment made at the last National Economic Council (NEC) meeting to contribute part of their federal allocations towards the funding of the police if the Rivers police chief was not removed and sanctioned.

“With the way the police is being used and abused, and with officers like Mbu in the bus, we do not see the need for state governments to fund an antagonistic police and may be forced to reconsider our position on the financial contribution of states towards the funding of the Nigerian police,” the governors said.

They also revived the debate over the establishment of state police for the country; citing Federal Government’s penchant of using federal police to persecute its political enemies.

“Arising from the action of the police, and Joseph Mbu in Rivers State, the call for state police as a constitutional provision has become a necessity,” the statement added.

“We note that the events in Rivers state have again brought to the fore the issue of true federalism and the need for institutions derived from the Constitutions to be allowed to function without undue interference. As federating units, we must be allowed the space to guarantee our people’s sustainable development as provided by the Constitution.”

The governors commended Mr. Amaechi for his “maturity and calm even in the face of apparent persecution”just as they also hailed the House of Representatives for its proactive leadership in wading into the Rivers crisis and the Senate for its thoroughness in addressing the matter.

They called on the warring parties in the State to “defuse tension and stop all actions capable of overheating the polity and derailing our nascent democracy”.

“We must all work together to build one united and indivisible nation nation and strengthen our democracy,” they said.


  1. Northern idiot governors.Is it only on State Police that true Fedralism should be applied?What about resource control that you people are kicking against? Fools!!!

  2. Fools,rubbish governors that are illiterates,can’t even interpret the constitution,are governors funding the police it’s FGN tha does.

  3. @donjeff u must be the starkest illiterate and a compound fool for insulting the northerners,
    Its seems you have a problem of shortsightedness, look around you because am sure you are one of the south south criminals roaming unnoticed who will never add anything to good to his country because of your demented brain. The governors are they not ameachi pdp colleagues? If you don’t know the rules of politics you just shot your pile hole u call mouth instead of ranting about without knowledge. For your information every state generate revenue to the country for the police and the combination of this states makes up the FG. So tell me, if you say they are not who are the FG then? Its high time we all put aside this deadly sentiment and uncalled prejudices
    That is really wrecking our peaceful coexistence. Nigeria is greater than anyone not even U. It was God that Joined us not you, many have tried to tear it apart and have died trying. Where is Ojuku today? Mtcheeeeeeeew


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