REVEALED: Real Reasons Why Obasanjo Is Angry With Jonathan

Facts have emerged on why Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo have assumed an anti-Goodluck Jonathan stance, even as the 2015 intrigues continue to gather steam.


A source privy to a recent meeting where Obasanjo openly expressed his displeasure to some close allies on how President Jonathan has been relating with him, said it all started when:

Obasanjo indicated his intention to resign as the chairman of the Board of Trustees of PDP. The situation was allegedly handled poorly by President Jonathan and this angered Obasanjo.

According to the source, the former president had expected the president to engage him in order to seek clarification on why he was leaving the office beyond the excuses he had advanced.

Commenting on the Obasanjo/Jonathan grudge, the source said the former president was shocked when about a week after serving the notice of his intention to resign, he received a letter from Jonathan, accepting his resignation without either an attempt to persuade him against it or give personal attention to the plan.

Obasanjo was said to have described President Jonathan’s action as both insensitive and a display of poor understanding of the nuances of power.

“Baba had expected that given his place in the party and especially the role he played in the emergence of Mr Goodluck Jonathan as President, he would have prevailed on him not to go but stay back and help moderate things at the highest level in the party,” the source said.

Another source told Thisday that Jonathan just “acted naively” without knowing the implications.

The source, who gave a rundown of Jonathan’s alleged many infractions against Obasanjo, confirmed that the former president is not happy with the way the Jonathan groups were going about his re-election bid.

According to him, Obasanjo had put a lot at stake by brokering a one-term deal that is now being vehemently denied, adding that even if there was plan to seek re-election, the brazen approach is certainly counter-productive in the light of the prevailing political developments in the country.

The source recalled that apart from easing out former governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola of Osun State as national secretary, Bode Mustapha, as auditor-general and former Ekiti State governor, Segun Oni, as vice-chairman of the PDP, South-west zone, the PDP in Ogun State had also been taken away from Obasanjo and handed over to someone regarded as “unrepentantly anti-Obasanjo”, Mr. Buruji Kashamu.

Worthy of note, the source mentioned, was that Obasanjo didn’t take kindly, the way Jonathan took his position on the issue of insecurity, especially when the President was reported as saying he would not handle the issue of terrorism the military way, alluding to Obasanjo’s invasion of Odi and Zaki Biam.

Another instance, according to the source, was that Obasanjo sometime ago visited one of his farms in Cross River State and observed that the road to the farm was in deplorable state.

“So, Baba expressed his disappointment to the Cross River State governor on the state of the road but the man replied and said it was the President that had not approved of it being a federal road.

“Right there, Baba called the president and narrated his encounter with the governor and told the president that he had appealed to the governor to go ahead with the road and that he’ll be reimbursed by the president, to which Jonathan was said to have replied in the affirmative.

“But Baba was later shocked to hear that the president had sent for the governor and dressed him down for what he considered ‘reporting him to Baba’. So, these are some of the things that people do not know that are annoying Baba. If not for these infractions, the source said, “Baba was not and never would have been against the president because of the role he played in his emergence. It is depressing for Baba.”


  1. So, Baba wanted Jonathan to beg him after the shakara of threatening to resign? Baba thought after the shakara, he would be appeased. It’s only a man that doesn’t know the power of the C-in-C that would have succumbed. OBJ seemed to have forgotten so soon the power of that office.

  2. Please tel me that this is all the reason why baba as you call is against the president. I will agure you to the last. But if true, then he should understand the Mr. Goodlucl jonathan is the president & must be given his respect as the president, that as leader he have his own plans about things & should not be control by forces like him, i believe in the president, i know & understands his policies, baba is against because him jonathan has refuse to dance to the tune of his selfish desires & him baba is now living under fear that he will be expose some day, so then believe the best thing for him to do is to scarter the PDP party in other to pull down the president. So he expect the president to beg him not to resign? Or does he think the party & the president will not go higher even if he leaves the party like his friend IBB? Please, take this message to him that he can go to any where of his choice to fight the president, but i am assuring him one thing that come 2015, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan will be the president. For who God has place on top, no man, not even him baba can bring the person down.

    • I laud your brave comment, God bless u, God bless Nigeria $ God bless Nigerians. Let continue to pray 4 our president

    • I laud your brave comment, God bless u, God bless Nigeria $ God bless Nigerians. Let continue to pray 4 our president. OBJ or no OBJ Nigeria must move 4ward

    • @ Steohen Chuks, 


      July 2, 2013 at 7:52 pm

      I laud your brave comment, God bless u, God bless Nigeria $ God bless Nigerians. Let continue to pray 4 our president

  3. Baba shouk pls 4give him,he shoul tel him 2 his face den i believe GEJ wil apologize 4 his mistakes

  4. Mr Goodluck Jonathan should continue to his job,for Baba,leave the president alone let him pilot the affairs of the country for now that he is incharge! However,it is also advisable to Mr President to adhere to some of the advice of the ex-president that will b meaningful to the entire nation but anything outside that,Mr President should give a second thought.

  5. Kudos 2 Mr Jonathan 4 nt falling 4 baba n baba shud nt 4get dat wen a child put his/her on fire, He/she shud xpect it 2 b burnt# Mr Jonathan is d president n commander in chief of Federal Republic of Nigeria so we xpect him 2 act as such, God bless Nigeria# 1 love my people.

  6. 4 the Love of Nigeria, if those selfish intrest are true, then truely Jonathern is a good leader. Because leaders don’t beg 4 followers nomatter ur position.

  7. When you call somebody baba you accords him some respect too, take example from the way the people of south africa treat Madenla with honour and respect. Obasanjo deserved respect in respective of the way other may view it, he is the greatest leader that Nigeria has ever produced.
    Beside, when you have discussion with your father it is not always that you agreed but there is a way you handle it that would not degenerate to disrespect, somebody should help mr. president on issues like these, he will not be there forever, in case somebody attend to him in such matter how will he feel?

  8. Very good, did you see the selfishness we are talking about ? The road leading one of his farms is bad and need urgent attention, how many bad roads did he ply before getting to that place? Why can’t he call mr president for those roads, or what about sango otta farm road?
    We dey laugh & we still go dey laugh.

  9. OBJ you don’t own Nigeria & Jonathan,if there’s any problem btween you and Jonathan,settle with him,but remember you don’t own this country

  10. HONESTLY, Baba just want to test his relevance if it is still recognized,respected and valued, because all this things you mentioned that transpired between him and our president are not not enough reasons for an experience man like Baba to be acting in this manner if at all.The only way he feels he can be noticed again is to disagree with the number one citizen but funny enough mr president does not have that kind of time now. mr president we love u and will allways pray for you. Daddy Obasanjo please always play a fatherly role like legendery Mandela you will be more respected by doing so home and abroad.

  11. Pls i hv seen al comments.obj is his boss,he put him dia so GEJ shld accord him sm respects.u dnt fget ur mentor for any reason.OBJ didnt behave lik a father.hw can he demand his farm road to be fixe so urgent wen we hv odas undone?we hav many tins

  12. OBJ deserve our respect, he brought nigeria into limelight he is an hero, a mentor, and a role model. Let anybody whatever he or she like. He need to be respected .

  13. Mr Jonathan should give baba Obj a due respect, remember mr Gudluck is no were 2 be found formally, about de issue of BOT or nt, they no more dan us, soo Jon must streat baba like a legend wth a due respect, yes Obj deserve it.

  14. lekan sanyaolu.

    please stop commenting with ethnic bias,let us all move nigeria forward.Dr jonathan is not acting in the best intrest of nigeria,and if you think am wrong please tell me any sector that has recorded significant growth and also any national improvement through programme initiated by Dr jonathan.

  15. OBJ should be a true father and temper his own justice with mercy and see that dis country is ran well.
    @Lekan, I guess u re either sleeping, u don’t travel or u re just blind not to see and hear wat d improvement. Take 4 example Democratic System/Elections in OBJ time and GEJ time, has der not been great improvement? Who did it? Ur father abi? 10 new Federal Universities approved and abt 65% completion throughout d nation. Who did dat? Ur mother abi? The YouWin and SureP program to tranform Nigerian from Job seekers to job creators are not within ur glare abi? Why re Nigerian not appreciative. Am an Hausaman but have travelled North n south Nigeria and can say GEJ govt even with d security challenges (which GEJ didn’t cause) has done well compare to OBJ govt. Unemployment level has dropped with 8% from 2011 to 2013. The man is working on Power sector towards a stable and reliable power supply (or are u not also aware of d moves in dat sector?). Am not saying d previous govt heads did not work well but GEJ is on a better footing for Nigeria and I think we should be wholistic in our assessment.
    Governance is not easy, so let join hands with our dear President GEJ 4 d period he is going to be der to work better. God helping u. Thanks!

  16. Fathers and sons. May Gov Amaechi’s reconciliation with President Jonathan be blessed with upward transpiration, upward redress.

  17. Governance is abt accountability to d electorate & nt 2 one man, bcus nigeria is biger dan any man.bliv u me GEJ shuld b allow 2 do his wrk as he is tryn his best. God bless nigeria


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