Rivers Assembly: Dan Amachree Was Truly Impeached And I Was Sworn In As ‘Speaker’, Says Hon. Bipi


The crisis in Rivers State of House of Assembly appears to be one with no end in sight soon as arrow head of the lawmakers opposed to Governor Rotimi Amaechi, Hon. Evans Bipi, representing Ogu/Bolo constituency, has insisted that he is the new ‘speaker’ of the Assembly.

Bipi, who made this known yesterday while speaking to Daily Trust in Port Harcourt, said as the new speaker of the Rivers Assembly, he is prepared to work with Mr. Amaechi and dismissed fears that his ultimate plan is to impeach the governor.

He insisted that Speaker of the House, Hon. Otelemaba Dan-Amachree, who is currently in Namibia attending a conference of Commonwealth Paliamentarians, was properly impeached by lawmakers present in the chamber of the House on Tuesday, July 9.

“I want you people to believe me: Dan-Amachree was truly impeached, after which, I was duly sworn in as the new Speaker, and I also formally made my inaugural speech as Speaker, sitting on the Speakers chair with the mace, the symbol of authority in my front. You can verify from the attendance list of all the legislators that were present in the chamber of the House on that Tuesday morning”, he emphasized.

Bipi, while narrating the events that played out on the floor of the House, said he was formally led into the chamber of the House by the Sergeant-at-arm, carrying the mace, as is the procedure with the conduct of official proceedings of the House of Assembly.

He continued: “If Dan-Amachree was not truly impeached, why did the then leader of the House, Chidi Lloyd, run to the government house, to alert Governor Amaechi that we have taken over the leadership of the House? Lloyd ran to government house to appeal to the governor to come with his security aides to enable them chase us away, so that Dan-Amachree can hold a sitting before television cameras that will be aired to viewers, to counter our successful impeachment of the former speaker, earlier in the day”.

Dismissing the argument that five lawmakers could not have impeached the Speaker, Bipi explained that they were more than five and got the required 2/3 votes needed to ‘impeach’ Speaker Dan-Amachree.

“If we are five and a minority in a House of 32 as it is being alleged, then why did Governor Amaechi run to court to seek the protection of the court from being impeached? So, the question is: can five in the House of 32 impeach a speaker or a governor? We have the attendance list of the lawmakers that signed the impeachment of Dan-Amachree and it will be made public at the appropriate time,” Bipi assured.

Bipi, however, frowned at Governor Amaechi’s interference in the proceedings of the House of Assembly as he was not formally invited by its leadership yet, he stormed the chambers accompanied by his security detail.


  1. We can’t wait to see the unfolded reality behind all this in Rivers State. I said it before that if it was not properly done the Governor would not have driven down with his aides to cause more attacks after saying that Chidi Lloyd was beaten earlier. Rivers people we need to be told the Truth o!

  2. The rascal should mention the other ones apart from the well known 5,a man who cannot address the public properly,now claimed to be the speaker.This goes to show that he doesnt know the meaning of the required 2/3 majority.Now i know that some press men aided by some oga at the top are part of the political rascality in the country,no matter their misdemeanor,God’s will will surely prevail.