Rivers PDP Calls For Probe Of Amaechi’s Role In Crisis, Wants Assailants Of Injured Lawmaker Arrested

chindaFactional chairman of the Rivers State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Felix Obuah, has said that arrangements have been concluded to fly the injured lawmaker representing Obio/Akpor II constituency in the State House of Assembly, Michael Okechukwu Chinda abroad for better treatment.

Speaking in Port Harcourt yesterday, Mr. Obuah also called for a probe into the role of the State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi in the saga just as he called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the Assembly leader, Chidi Lloyd, Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Aide-de-Camp (ADC) to the governor for their involvement in the attempted murder in the Rivers State House of Assembly on Tuesday, July 9.

He said: “We are calling for the immediate investigation of Governor Amaechi’s role in the saga, the immediate arrest and prosecution of Chidi Lloyd, Governor Amaechi’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) and his Aide-de-Camp (ADC), for carrying out the despicable act to impress their paymaster.

“Not even in the worst democracies of the world can a lawmaker willfully premeditate and position to hack a fellow lawmaker to death, as Chidi Lloyd did to Hon. Michael Okechukwu Chinda.

“Up till now, neither Governor Amaechi nor Chidi Lloyd and their blood-thirsty accomplices have been invited for explanation by the relevant security agencies, over the attempted murder.

“Chidi Lloyd is yet to realise that parliamentary immunity from prosecution over speeches made on the floor of the House of Assembly, does not guarantee a deliberate attempt to kill or cause bodily harm on his colleagues or any other person, within the Assembly complex.

“Hon. Chinda is lying critically ill in a private hospital in Port Harcourt; where series of surgery have been performed to save his life, stitch his broken head and nose, among other bodily injuries.

“It is indeed dramatic to see Hon. Chidi Lloyd lying on a hospital bed, pretending to be ill, when indeed he used the House’s mace to hit Hon. Chinda, who doctors are battling to save his life.

“It is Rivers PDP’s position that the attempted murder, deplorable and barbaric acts of Chidi Lloyd and Governor Amaechi’s personal aides be thoroughly investigated and appropriate sanctions given, if the very basic essence of legislative business in a democracy is not to be undermined.

“The PDP and Rivers people will no longer fold their arms and watch the reign of terror on the entire state by a few persons, whose inordinate ambition to hold on to power has frenzied them to go berserk.”

Mr. Obuah, who is considered a loyalist of the Minister of State for Education, Barr. Nyesom Wike, urged Rivers people, especially PDP members, to remain calm and go about their normal activities without fear.

He also flayed the House of Representatives resolutions which empowered the federal lawmakers to take over the functions of the Rivers House of Assembly, while describing the call for the redeployment of the State Commissioner of Police, Mbu Joseph Mbu, as uncalled for.


  1. I’m 100% convinced that the house of reps compromised & are bias over the issue,their decision was too hasty & unprofessional,unlike the matured senate members who decided will come see things & thorough investigation.The beast chidi liyod should be arrested & prosecuted immediately for attempted murder,I’m sure he’s hiding in government house,if he can not be found governor ameachi should be held responsible because he was last seen with him after the attempted murder entering govt house,the commissioner of police should immediately order for the arrest of the ADC & CSO to the governor with immediate effect,then finally the IG should retain the state Commissioner of police Mr Joeseph Mbu and recommend him for promotion to the rank of AIG for a job well done.

    • I will like Mr Wike, PDP chairman from both side and the Governor to seat and resolve this problem. I want to ask them to ask Senator Mantu and then Governor Dariye of Plateau state the outcome of not understanding with each other that cost them their political relevance in the state. In a situation like this, there are some pple taking advantage of wat is going on. Mr Wike and the opposition PDP, ur problem is a very small one. Why did I said so? Its only take the Governor a humble heart to go back to the Presidency and beg them for forgiveness for all the mistake he has done and Mr president that is looking for good hands, he will accept him. What will become of u pple that the president will be ready to throw u up. There is a solution to all these. God is good to this country.

  2. Cleden you live in a fools paradise. Don’t hide behind the mask like those behind those orchestrating the crisis in Rivers state from Abuja. Where was Obuah when the Rivers state Commissioner of Police withdrew policemen attached to the House of Assembly to make way for thugs to take over the House. If a legislator decides to engage in thuggery and brigandage, he should expect the natural conseuence of his actions: which is suffer bruises.

  3. Umweni please everyone has his own opinion & need to be respected,just do your contributions & leave others and stop attacking other contributors like Cleden.Also let me correct you Nyesom Wike is minister for state on Education ,he’s incharge of primary schools & junior secondary and not senior secondary & tertiary institutions is the minister for Education Prof Ruqquat that is incharge of ASUU/ASUP & not wike.

  4. Cleden shared his view, if we have a different view we should share it too and stop the name calling. My humble view is this; No matter what the issue was, U can’t go about hitting a fellow man like that. I am of the opinion that Chidi Llyod should be arrested immediately. Infact if it were in civilized countries he wld have been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

    • In a civilized countries Sham, 5 law makers will not attend to impeach a speaker which they know, they are not upto 2/3 of the number of lawmakers in the house. This show how foolish those lawmakers are. This will have cost the lawmaker his life and the pple that sent him will not do anything to his family.

      • I still repeat myself Datti, No matter what happens, U shdn’t hit a fellow man like that. I am not saying I’m in support of what the 5 lawmakers did. All I’m saying is no matter what it is u shdn’t hit someone on the head like dat wit all ur might.

  5. U guy are not getting it straight the five anti ameachi said they have sitted when the impeachment start it was when they are loosen was when amaeachi was call whom came with his own security to cause the problem