Security Agencies On Red Alert Over Possible Terror Attacks


Security agencies in the country, especially the Federal Capital Territory, have been put on red alert, following credible intelligence reports of plans to carry out bombings within the country, as the Ramadan fasting period nears its end.

The intelligence report from the Directorate of State Security, which is corroborated by other intelligence organs of government, has been sent to all heads of security agencies in the country as Vanguard gathered and it directly said there will be “A possible terror attack, on or before the end of the Ramadan fasting”.

Boko Haram terrorist group who are pained and recalcitrant over the dislodgement of the camps from the North East following the declaration of a State of Emergency by the federal government, is keen on hitting back at the federal government and Nigerians as a mark of revenge for the government military action against them, according to sources.

Security sources told Vanguard that the intelligence report, disclosed that the target areas are churches, mosques, police stations and security agency buildings, places of recreation, government and national assets.

Other targets include key and vulnerable points, and structures which if they succeed will elicit great outrage and sorrow.

The source further disclosed that the directive specifically requested all security agencies to beef up security in their areas of jurisdiction and surroundings.

It advised that there should be serious stop and check operations, while motorcycle operators should not be left out in the search.

Heads of security organizations in the country who are not taking the threat lightly, have directed all their operatives to be vigilant and work round the clock to forestall any terror attack. [ Vanguard]


  1. also in situations like this, phone line to police or other security force should be posted so locals can report any suspicious action. The masses can also be of help because nobody want die


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