“Senator Yerima Is A Waste Of His Father’s Sperm” – Comedian Gbenga Adeyinka

Nigeria’s celebrities have been airing their opinion concerning the underage marriage issue. Comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka took time out to lash senator Yerima with this write up.

gbenga_adeyinkaGood people, so sorry to disturb you this rainy afternoon. I just read the response from a truly sick Senator Ahmed Yerima, a 2 time governor, a 2 term senator and truly a sick pervert trying to justify Child Marriage.

He says that child marriage is a solution to abortion and prostitution. I guess it also must be a solution to Embezzlement, Bad leadership, Insecurity and all the other problems that he and his type have heaped on our nation since independence.

If it is not that I was brought up not to insult adults, I would have called him a sorry excuse of a human being and a waste of his father’s sperm but I will not.

I will only end this by telling him that nothing he says can ever justify marrying a baby as a wife, even if he claims they don’t sleep with them at a young age.

Since he likes Egypt so much, I will end this by praying that may the fleas of a thousand Egyptian Camels infest his pubic area and armpit.

Agbaya oshi!

Gbenga Adeyinka1st GCON.


  1. Polish guy stop argueying blindly! What senator Yerima did concerning the issue of under age marriage in these ongoing constitution amendment he is absolutely right, as muslim concern,Control your tongue#Advice

    • If u support child marriage is as good as supporting child pornography . It’s lawlessness. I’m not a Muslim so u can not govern me by ethics or laws of Islam. CAPITAL “NO” to child marrage!

  2. Yes yerima is rite concernin underage marriage, accodin 2 muslim law he is rite nd is even 4 our own gud we nigeria’s becz prostitute his d most cause of adoption becz wen u dis ladies are praticin prostitution he lead dem 2 aboution nd wen later they get marry dat they cannot get pregnant again wat nex they wll plan is adoption. U se de senetors really try 4 dat becz it avoid many corruption, nd they did not force any one 2 do it but if u are willin 2 nd ur choce. Dis by princedanju@ d building

    • You are as stupid as your leader. Practice whatever you want to practice within your families and households, don’t force them down our throats! What kind of religion is that by the way??? Nonsense!!!

    • Pls watch out ur word. Despite ur ignorance, u r a fool. I do nt expect a true christian who follows d real teachings of bible to utter dis dirty words. Learn to be tolerance, learn to use ur number 6. Dont behave like barbarian…. Pause nd reflect

      • What u guys fail to understand is that Nigeria is a secular state and bringing islam into our constitution is injustice to adherent of other faiths. So pls as a muslim myself I dont want this unnecessary negative press for my religion. yes it may be acceptable in the religion but how many of us muslim men will tie a wrapper covering our upper abdomen to the lower knee to the market afterall according to Islam we are not naked? Lets condemn this thing and stop embarrassing the faith.

    • Pls watch out ur word. Despite ur ignorance, ur a fool. I do nt expect a true christian who follows d real teachings of bible to utter dis dirty words. Learn to be tolerance, learn to use ur number6. Dont behave like barbarian…. Pause nd reflect

  3. What on earth is wrong with ths muttheads? Yarima just told u hez a muslim and ths are the teachings we follow. For gudness’s sake what is your concern? You can live your life to any teaching as u so pleasd but let us be. We shal never adhere to your teachgs and tempting us shal cost your live. Well, Gbenga is already a fool, hez at first a waste of hs dirty father’s sperm. U shall never raise an inch to your career for cursg yarima. Amin ya Allah.

  4. @all: I see no reason y u guys are disturbin urself,I want us all 2 seat down and tink of how dis so called our beloveth country wil be better. Secondly, concernin muslim or no muslim,plzzz frnds dis is nt a religious matter and stop calin urself fools and let’s work 2geda and make our country betta.

  5. This issue isn’t about religion @ all but the pervert state of the heart of “few men”.There are countless Muslim men who will never be involved in such act. If i may ask the advocates of Gov Yerima,how many of his girls (children) has he given out as wives and at what age? If it’s a Muslim doctrine, fine! But it shouldn’t be imposed on the Country cos the last time i checked Nigeria isn’t an Islamic state yet. Let us all be united to stand for what is right and leave religion.

  6. It is a known fact that all religions have people who take advantage of portions of their Holy books for their own selfish interest………I personally believe any true religion won’t advocate for violence or immoralities…….We as humans aren’t perfect and we make mistakes…….It’s ok to be angry but how you react will now make a difference…….The bible said ‘warm words softens a hard heart’,so when people use abusive words on others even if that person did wrong,it only aggravates issues. To my Islam brothers, even as Muslims,not all of you are in support of wearing a three quarter in the name of a trouser, but yet some of you are strong believers in wearing that…….The matter here is just simple, Nigeria is a secular country so no one religion can impose its doctrine on the other and that’s why both religions have accommodated each other this long,because the purpose of serving GOD is to be a better person and live a good life……I read an article were someone in support of this act said others should be ‘SENSITIVE’ of the Islamic law…..But my question now to the people in support of this act now is ‘Are you SENSITIVE towards the adverse effect this act will cause if it stands?’….You say its an act only to those concerned but are you SENSITIVE to the fact that it will increase the abuse rate on undeveloped children? I mean if its already a law,a pagan who worships nothing can equally marry an under-age and unlike what the senator said that you won’t consummate till she’s well developed based on religion,this pagan has no religion so he can defile this child with the support of this act the senator is championing…..This is not a speech about any religion but about realizing the hidden danger in this act…..Man was not created for religion,but religion was created for man…..Open up your mind to the sensitivity of other people on this matter and let your conscience speak to the truth to you……….

    God Bless you all……

  7. Salam my people! I thinks all this controversies is no in order, we all divert from the religious and political point of view. In my humble opinion Yarima did the right because he has the backing of the section of law which provide the right to speech to all Nigerian Citizens. And by the this is something that his religion accede. If such was the case I guess he didn’t sleep over night and bring something new or something that doesn’t transpire before. This is a matter of commitment to once religion, how well you know your religion, how well you follow your religion. So go back and bring something to back your claim from your religion not your

  8. Dis so-called Gbenga and his cohorts, is just dat u pple grow up in d hand of ur prostitute mothers dat is why u re bhaving like dat as d best baster of dis 21century. Idiot, shegun banza

  9. Haba all of u r disgracing me. Why all these nonsense. The rich will come up with selfish desire and we r here fighting. One issue is that he is still gueilty of his deeds and trying to hook up himself somewhere. He has left u and me fighting and sending his children to abroad to study. One day u will hear that his daughter is getting married at d age of 27 after attaining her masters degree, and he left u to give out your daughter at 12 yrs. after that she gets vvf and d husband sends her away to come back home as bazawara later d child becomes street boy and become a criminal for lack of care cos his mum is not there. All these things are being done to punish masses especially when they link it to religion. Lets use our sence

  10. It’s just unfortunate that our leaders are selfish and they use us to achieve their selfish desires. Religion is a personal thing and shd be wisely handled. If god wants he can make everybody Muslims or Christians. Lets leave it as it is. We r not wiser than God. Lets all repent, love one another and forget about yerimas views. For any that wants to do it go ahead and for those that don’t , don’t do it. My own view to this is that I can’t give out my daughter at that age cos she has to make her choice and to b developed..


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